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If you've ever wondered what a rollerball pen is, in Garrampa you'll find yours. We have a wide variety of cheap rollerball pens, so you can choose the one you like the most. A sophisticated, classic and useful detail, but at the best price. Discover the best personalized rollerball pens, from 12 cents per unit. Select the one that best suits your style and add your logo to have your personalized rollerball pen. Garrampa's cheap advertising rollerball pens are a safe bet to give to your customers. Fine tip pens, which allow a smoother writing on paper. In bamboo, stainless steel, black, blue, white, green, orange or red; with or without box, take advantage of this opportunity and choose your rollerball pen!

Promotional rollerball pens

Is it clear to you what a rollerball pen is? Well, there's even more! The ink of our cheap advertising rollerball pens is liquid and becomes the best ally of all-terrain people who need a light and fast writing tool. Its precision and clarity make the rollerball pens the best gift for customers or suppliers. In addition, we have ink in different colors: red, black, blue, pink, orange ... choose the one you feel most comfortable with! Also, note that the price-quality ratio of a rollerball pen for advertising is one of the main features of this type of economic advertising pens with liquid ink. Do you want to offer a great gift at a reasonable price? These customized pens are the perfect ally for lovers of writing or for all types of workers. The ideal detail for the office.

Rollerball pens printed with your logo or design

Our cheap advertising rollerball pens, in addition to their incredible prices, also stand out for being able to customize them. Can you imagine having your personalized liquid ink pen? It will become the gift that your customers will not want to part with! In addition to its lightness and ease of use (writing has never been so smooth), the elegance of these cheap advertising rollerball pens is more than visible. Choose yours, accompanying it with its case or with another pen; without going any further. An advertising rollerball pen is a more than useful detail for your customers, employees or suppliers. It is also excellent as a gift in any type of celebration or event. Without forgetting, of course, that its economic price is not incompatible with its quality or its speed and accuracy.

Frequently asked questions about Rollerball pens

What is the difference between a rollerball pen and a promotional pen?

First of all, we would like to point out that all rollerballs are pens, but not all pens are rollerballs. That is, promotional rollerballs are a type of advertising pens. And is that the system they use is the same, what really makes the difference is the type of ink.on the one hand, the cheap advertising rollerball pens or advertising rollerballs make use of a liquid or gel ink, water-based. On the other hand, customized rollerball pens use a dense ink, characterized by an oily base. This ink melts, due to the heat produced by the rotation of the ball while one writes. For this reason, it is necessary to exert a certain amount of pressure on the sheet, so, to the question of which is better ballpoint or rollerball pen, from Garrampa we can only tell you one thing: whichever you prefer. Everyone has their own taste, when it comes to their writing instruments. We give you the different options, you choose.

Why buy corporate rollerball pens?

Although we live in a digital world, where writing, increasingly, is given by the key; corporate pens are an object that never goes out of fashion. All of us use a pen at some point in the day: both personally and at work. In the office, for example, it is essential to write invoices, write notes on a post-it or write down in the agenda the tasks for the next few days. And if this pen has style, elegance and quality; the result is unbeatable. In this way, rollerballs are very elegant pens, as they are reminiscent of fountain pens. As in the pens for writing, the advertising rollerball pens are delivered in separate cases, so they are perfect for corporate gifts to those customers we want to reward for their loyalty. But this does not mean that our collection of rollerball pens, we do not find cheap advertising rollerball pens. Our rollerball pens are very economical to distribute to all employees or to use as merchandising at fairs and congresses. Therefore, an idea that we give you in Garrampa is that you combine them with one of our promotional notebooks.

What special models of customized rollerball pens do you have?

In addition to our cheap customizable rollers or cheap advertising rollerball pens, which are available in different colors; we also have elegant metallic models that include a couple of them with a tactile tip. This means that these pens can quickly interact with touch screens, avoiding leaving fingerprints. Indeed, from Garrampa, we propose you this refined corporate gift; although you should know that we also have a line of sophisticated and high quality personalized luxury pens from renowned brands such as Parker, Waterman, Luxe and Brave, which we deliver in their respective cases.however, if you want to continue to inquire about both our cheap advertising rollerball pens and the rest of personalized pens, keep visiting the Garrampa website.

How can I customize corporate rollerball pens?

If you are wondering how to customize corporate pens, you have at your disposal all kinds of series of printing techniques and printing areas for them. However, as a general rule, the rollers can be customized in different ways. The first would be along the barrel or on the cover, using the classic flat color printing, with a maximum of 4 colors. Garrampa also offers the elegant laser engraving, which gives a very elegant and aesthetic finish, as well as long-lasting. The optimal way to perform the refinement of the writing accessory itself. Remember: in addition to our customized rollerball pens, you have at your disposal different models of markers and felt-tip pens.