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Discover how to make the most practical and safe hygienic and personalized gift today. Among our cheap personalized pens, we highlight in this section the following customizable pens with antibacterial logo. Specifically, this is a series of pens made with a silver ion additive tested according to ISO 22196. In other words, antibacterial pens or pens that hinder the growth of bacteria by up to 99.99% on the surface of the pen. A fundamental aspect for COVID-19, as well as in other types of infectious diseases. Therefore, from Garrampa, we invite you to find the personalized antibacterial pen that best suits your professional environment.

Antibacterial pens with refillable spray pens

Among our customizable pens with antibacterial logo, we highlight those models that have their own refillable spray. Indeed, after your tasks, you will be able to sanitize your hands in the most comfortable and fast way.Clean all kinds of surfaces such as the screen of your mobile phone, thanks to your antibacterial pen; as well as the office material you are going to use. So now you know, if you want to promote safety and hygiene in your company, give your employees this model of customizable pen. You will find our customizable pens with antibacterial logo at incredible prices, from 15 cents per unit. In addition, you have antibacterial models in pencils.

Multifunction antibacterial pens

Among the multifunctional custom pens, we highlight the models of customizable pens with antibacterial logo. In fact, you will be able to find ballpoint pens with rubber touch for devices, refillable sprayer, and even thermometer included. Yes, yes, you can take your temperature with your own pen! Discover your cheap advertising pen model among all the customizable pens with antibacterial logo, we have a wide range. In addition, even if white is the predominant color (white tones denote hygiene and cleanliness), you can also give a splash of color; thanks to the Licter and Manzoni models. Green, blue, red, black or yellow, you decide at Garrampa, because personalized antibacterial pens are the best way to fight bacterial contamination, through a writing tool. Garrampa products are characterized by respecting the imposed regulations, we preserve the quality and we offer you all this at incredible prices, take advantage of this opportunity that we offer you from Garrampa. Make your office as safe as possible. Small gestures like our antibacterial pens are very important.