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With Garrampa's multifunctional pens you will enjoy up to 7 gifts in one The best way to save space at home and money! Bet now for your multifunctional pen, which you can find with flashlight, with case and batteries, with screen cleaner, with USB device, touch pointer, antibacterial, with ruler (a great option for professionals such as engineers), with cell phone holder, with LED lights and laser pointer and even with a screwdriver. Don't think twice and surprise yourself in Garrampa with the best multifunction pens on the market and at very affordable prices. Here are our cheap advertising multifunction pens:

Multifunction pens personalized with your logo

Find in Garrampa the best multifunctional pen! The perfect gift for organized, creative and practical people, because in the same tool you will be able to carry out different actions, these cheap advertising multifunction pens are a great gift idea. Your employees will be delighted and can forget about the uncomfortable cases carrying everything in the same pen. For example, for doctors, multifunction pens with flashlights are ideal for examinations. In addition, if you have a carpentry company, a pen with ruler is also an ideal option, without forgetting, of course, your customers, collaborators and suppliers. As advertising gifts, Garrampa's multifunction pens will be the means by which they will always remember you. To do so, don't forget to add your company logo on one of our cheap advertising pens, choose the one you like the most, we'll take care of the rest.

Promotional multifunctional pens

In this way, at Garrampa, we propose as a gift for your best customers these cheap advertising multifunctional pens. Indeed, you will find the best price at Garrampa and with the best quality, moreover, can you imagine a pen with USB included, or a pen with touch pointer or cell phone holder? And what about a pen with lights for reading? At Garrampa everything is possible! Therefore, these writing utensils are the best advertising for you, since your customers will be very happy with this gift, and let's not forget that a multifunctional pen with these features is super practical and useful, as well as original and striking.find your model among all our promotional pens, choose the one that best suits your needs and write to us! From the Garrampa team we are here to answer all your questions and make your order a reality.