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Technology is here to stay, it is a reality. That's why our personalized pens with touch pointer are what you were looking for. Enjoy the duality of writing on paper and do it on a Tablet or on your cell phone with the same writing accessory. A stylus pen is possibly one of the most practical objects in existence. In the most comfortable and hygienic way, check mail on your device, while writing physical notes in your agenda. Garrampa's touch pens are for you: antibacterial, with case, in different colors, metallic or even with a matching USB. Find your model here, among all our cheap ballpoint pens for advertising .

Touchscreen pens with your logo printed on them

Touch pointer pens are an essential item in congresses, fairs and, of course, in the office. This type of pen with tactile rubber has become a super useful demanded, both by workers and ordinary users who surf the Internet and need to make a note at the time. That is why, from Garrampa, we show you all our cheap advertising touch pointer pens. The best way to give two products in one, making your customers turn this item with your logo into an essential of their day to day.Discover how to merge the digital with one of our custom pens, through our wide range of touch pen for Tablet. The best way to facilitate precision work on our touch screens.

Promotional tablet pens

First of all, it should be noted that the pens with touch pointer do not scratch the screen of electronic devices; on the contrary, this type of pens protect it during use. In this way, they become one of the best possible gifts for friends and other acquaintances. For example, if you have been thinking of ordering cheap promotional touch pointer pens for promotional purposes, you have had a great idea. These pens will display your logo and your contact, using the silk-screen printing technique. What are you waiting for to get in touch, find your metallic, cardboard or plastic pen now. At Garrampa you can choose the material that best suits your brand image. Give the most versatile pen on the market and with which, for sure, you will succeed.

Frequently asked questions about Touch pointer pens

Why give personalized touch screen pens as a gift?

Customized touch pens are special promotional pens which, on the head or on the tip, have a rubber pad called touch pointer. Such a tactile rubber pad allows interaction with the touch screens of tablets, computers and smartphones. Therefore, custom touch screen pens have a dual functionality. We believe that we are not wrong if we say that these pens are aimed at all types of people. And the fact is that everyone has, without going any further, a smartphone. Therefore, combining a classic pen for writing with the utility of a contact point for electronic devices is, without a doubt, a winning combination. Finally, note that being innovative and technological promotional pens; our cheap advertising touch point pens are highly appreciated by all and have a greater impact when given to customers. These pens, as a corporate gift, are the most.

What materials is the custom touch screen pen made of?

The most important feature of these advertising pens is their touch panel: a part adaptable to any type of pen. If you take a look at our catalog, you will see that, within this category, you have pens in aluminum, plastic, recycled cardboard, kraft paper and even bamboo, so you can give away a touch screen pen without having to give up the material you are most interested in. An advertising pen to customize with your logo, which will serve to describe in the best possible way the promotional message, you want to convey to your fact, if your company has made a loyal commitment to sustainability, we offer you ecological commercial pens. Likewise, if you are looking for a chic image; our elegant and sophisticated high quality personalized pens are for you. Although we also avail a wide variety of simple and economical advertising pens.

When is it better to give touch screen pens a promotional touch?

Logo pens with logo and stylus are a trend. This type of custom pens allow for agile interaction with touchscreen devices while remaining a popular corporate gift that adapts to different types of situations. This type of advertising gift is ideal for distribution at events of all kinds: conventions, congresses, talks, open days at schools and universities... Moreover, if you add one of our personalized notebooks, the combination is perfect. Participants at these events will be able to take notes without having to bring anything from home, and, as we mentioned before, our pens with the company logo are a must in any office. Not only as a gift to customers, but employees themselves can make use of these logo pens during their daily activities.

How to customize touch rubber pens?

To customize your business pens at Garrampa, you have 3 different printing techniques (right now, we explain them to you). But, before that, you have to keep in mind that not all printing techniques are available for all models, as they depend on the physical characteristics of the pen.First of all, we find silk-screen printing. Screen-printed pens are printed, using this classic and economical printing technique that is used to customize a multitude of promotional items. Screen printing allows you to embed the logo along the body of the promotional pen of your choice, you can add up to 4 spot colors! On the other hand, a variant of screen printing is circular screen printing, which allows a 360º monochromatic printing to wrap around the body of the pen. This technique is very useful for those logos that would be barely visible if adapted for vertical printing. Finally, for wood and aluminum models, there is the option of laser engraving. The most cutting-edge technology that offers a more elegant and durable professional finish.