Personalized mini pencils

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Many stores and businesses that need to make notes during the checkout process in a physical store provide customized mini pencils. This type of pencils that are used in a short period of time are usually smaller than normal pencils. In garrampa you will find a large catalog of mini pencils to customize with the customer's logo or design.

Small wooden pencils wholesale

In our online store we can offer you small wooden pencils directly from the factory at wholesale prices. By selling the small pencils in large quantities the prices of the mini pencils are much cheaper for the customer.

Manufacturer of small mini pencils

We can offer our customers to manufacture the mini pencils completely customized according to the indications provided by the customer. We can customize the colors of the wooden body, the eraser at the end and even the metallic union between the pencil and the eraser. It is enough for the customer to indicate us the colors to be able to completely customize the pencil with the design or logo that he wants to print.