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Among our custom printed backpacks, you can find the Garrampa's advertising backpacks. It is a very comfortable advertising backpack model, since you can cross it as a bag. In this way, controlling your personal belongings is much easier. In addition, if you like to carry a bag, the shoulder bag is a key gift for any occasion. For example, at events such as conferences or fairs is a very appreciated gift among attendees, as they can carry in this type of Garrampa advertising backpacks everything you need for the event. And we have examples in different sizes, tones and styles: vintage, retro, briefcase, with cover, larger, smaller... The shoulder bags are a great direct advertising medium, which can be used by the user at all times. Customize one of our shoulder bags with your logo.

Triangular shoulder backpacks printed with your logo

Among all our types of models of cheap advertising backpacks, it should be noted that the cheap triangular backpacks are adjustable and can be customized on both sides. Made in materials such as polyester or non woven, these backpacks are personalized with silkscreen printing or vinyl. The triangular shoulder backpacks printed with your Garrampa logo are aimed at all types of audiences: both children and adults, so you can capture the logo of your company thinking of all types of audiences. Whether it's for going out on the street, for a walk or a hike: our shoulder bags are great. Customize your triangular shoulder bag with your logo or design.

Original shoulder backpacks

Are you looking for cheap messenger bags for all kinds of occasions? Our custom messenger bags are designed to carry your personal items safely and securely, so we can't think of a better promotional backpack model to go around town or to enjoy the vacations. And is that the shoulder bag is an original backpack so you do not carry your cell phone, wallet, keys in your our offer in economic advertising shoulder backpacks, available in different sizes and materials, as well as the marking of the logo in silkscreen, vinyl and sublimation. Our shoulder bags are very easy to customize and are available in all types of fabrics such as polyester, canvas, PVC or non woven, ideal for any congress, conference or event. Customized shoulder bags are perfect to advertise the brand of a study center. Find in this section all the models of Garrampa's advertising shoulder bags.