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Our cheap advertising computer backpacks are the best gift for students and workers, who continuously use their laptop. In Garrampa we are aware of the digital change that we are living in recent years, so we offer you our line of promotional backpacks specialized for computers. Carry your laptop to work or to the university, in a safe and comfortable way. We have different examples so you can find the one that best suits you: trolley backpacks for laptops, backpacks with USB output, polyester or leatherette backpacks, elegant and resistant... without forgetting our range of laptop cases. Discover in this section the best backpacks for laptops, ideal for branding of all types of companies, as well as to give away in schools. Incorporate your logo on a laptop backpack and take your computer and brand everywhere.

Laptop and pc backpacks with your logo printed on them

In Garrampa we have different models of computer backpacks for women or men, we do not care. Laptop and PC backpacks with your logo printed and unisex, ideal as a gift for clients, collaborators and your company's own employees.Workers will carry everything they need to start the working day, both their laptop and other office items that they can store in the different compartments of the backpack or briefcase for the personalized laptop. They will generate a corporate image and will spread the message of your brand wherever they go and in a direct way.The backpacks for laptop and PC are also a great gift to give away in different promotional events such as fairs, conferences or lectures. Participants will be able to take notes on their computers and take them with them after the conference. Our backpacks are characterized by their resistance and capacity, as they can hold different weights. Most of them are made of polyester and we also have sustainable models. Find your personalized laptop backpack at Garrampa and give the gift of practicality.

Padded computer backpacks

Among our cheap advertising computer backpacks, it is worth mentioning the models of padded backpacks that, in addition to resistant, protect the laptop from any kind of blow. And it is that, during travel, it is easy that backpacks can suffer some kind of shock. This happens in public transport itself where sometimes the space is minimal or also in the private vehicle itself. Thus, our padded backpacks are a great means of protection against any blow. Give a padded backpack personalized with the company logo at an event, fair or to your own employees and you will see how your brand is spread day by day.

Frequently asked questions about Computer backpacks

Why give personalized laptop backpacks as gifts?

Nowadays, almost everyone has a laptop to work or study with. Thus, when moving from one place to another it is essential to have the laptop protected to avoid bumps or falls. In this way, in Garrampa we recommend a customizable computer case or backpack with a special padded pocket for your computer. Give backpacks for personal computers with your company logo! A corporate item to promote your brand, with which you will leave your employees, customers or suppliers super happy.

Which promotional laptop backpack model to choose?

In our collection of laptop backpacks you will find different models that differ in design, in the size of the computer pocket (13, 14, 15, 15.6 and 17 inches) or in the material in which they are made. Choose from 300D, 360D and 600D polyester, microfiber and TPE or nylon.All our laptop backpacks have a padded back to ensure user comfort and lighten the weight of the back. In addition, some models feature anti-theft zipper closure and some custom laptop backpacks feature integrated and removable USB charging connector or powerbank to recharge your devices.

How to customize laptop backpacks?

At Garrampa, the laptop backpacks are customized using the silkscreen printing or digital transfer technique. It all depends on the function of the model, the printing station and the budget you have. In addition, some models can be customized with screen printing if your logo has 1 color or with a nice embroidery for a very professional finish. With a personalized laptop backpack with your logo, your customers and employees will show your company name wherever they go.

Can I buy only 5 personalized computer backpacks with name?

No, our minimum order is 25 units. This company policy is due to the structure of our machines, which have a fixed printing cost that, divided by less than 25 units, does not make the purchase convenient, since the selling price would be expensive for a few units. On the other hand, with an order of 25 promotional backpacks it is not possible to personalize them with 25 different names, since each time the machine would have to be reconfigured to make it as if it were 25 different orders of 1 unit.