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One of the ways to be more sustainable and environmentally friendly, is to reuse the bags and thus avoid unnecessary waste of plastic. Therefore, from Garrampa we invite you to see our line of economic folding advertising bags, ideal for shopping while respecting the environment. We have all kinds of folding bags to carry in your bag: a clear example is our folding backpack or even our folding sports bag to go to the gym. On the other hand, it is worth mentioning the wide chromatic range of our personalized folding bags: green, yellow, orange, pink, white, blue, red... choose the one you like the most! In addition, in Garrampa we have folding bags in the shape of emoji or lemon, super fun. Without a doubt, foldable shopping bags are a great way to advertise at a great price. Find in this category all our models.

Cheap and original folding bags

Do you want to customize one of our reusable folding bags for a small price? At Garrampa you can! And is that you can get your folding bag with name and logo, from 33 cents per unit.The folding bags are perfect for any situation: for the supermarket, the park, the pool, the gym or as a daily bag, among others. They also have the practical convenience that they are foldable and can be easily stored. Therefore, we see them in every home for everyday tasks such as going shopping.A practical solution to transport, with which you can surprise all your customers. And if you have your own business, what better than bagging your products in cheap folding advertising bags like ours: you will show an ecological image of your company and, on top of that, for an unbeatable price. Say goodbye to plastic and take advantage and use this accessory as personalized bags for your business. Go to Garrampa's website.Customized and promotional cheap non woven bagsWhen it comes to customize totes bags, you can make screen printed cotton bags. All bags are 100% cotton, the difference will be the grammage. In addition, you can also choose between cotton bags with long or short handles. Another option to choose will be the color of the silk-screen printing. Cheap cotton bags can be customized for different purposes. They are very common as merchandising gifts at events, such as fairs or congresses. It has also become very fashionable to customize cotton bags for weddings with the name of the bride and groom, so that the guests will always remember the big day. In Garrampa we have customized cheap cotton bags for large and small companies that have used them as a material for wrapping orders. They represent the most practical and versatile models, proving to be excellent promotional gifts and gifts for customers. The different models and the numerous colors make them suitable for any type of work activity and for any product non woven bags wholesaleOur catalog, full of updated and innovative proposals, thus offers a wide selection of folding bags for every need. These are captivating models, which take up negligible space. Even our folding bags can be personalized with your company logo and contact details. Foldable shopping bags comfortable, resistant and with a minimum volume Buying foldable shopping bags means choosing quality, durable and very practical products. When opened they look like normal bags but once folded they become small cases, perfect to carry in your bag, suitcase, car, sea, to have at home and wherever you want but without clutter. Foldable bags become very useful corporate gifts and promotional items that end customers will soon appreciate. More and more companies are opting for personalized folding bags, not only as a gift for events and vacations, but also as an effective solution to spread their brand. Personalized foldable shopping bags combine lightness and strength, making it the ideal solution for holding heavy objects. Once folded, they become compact and slim. They open and close in an instant, with simple movements. In addition, they can be reused several times, even for shopping, thus avoiding having to carry several bags in your hand and making shopping easier. Foldable shopping bags : models, materials and colors The foldable bag is a must-have that people always carry with them, as a practical, modern and indispensable accessory. In this regard, we have selected only the most modern, original and delicious models. Start with the basic models, made of nylon and that can be closed with snap button, zipper or Velcro. They are carefully finished and come complete with short or long handles, making them ideal for carrying on the shoulder. The range of resealable bags also includes original, colorful, polyester models that, once rolled up, take the shape of fruits, namely orange, blackberry, lemon and strawberry. They turn out to be perfect gifts for customers who make purchases of a certain amount, as well as advertising items that are different from the usual ones and that will not go unnoticed. The online offer of foldable shopping bags also includes models in non-woven fabric or sturdy non-woven fabric. Those looking for refined and elegant types can focus on folding bags that, once closed, turn pink: perfect for Mother's Day, Women's Day, Valentine's Day and other occasions. Alternatively, among specific types of shopping, there are foldable shopping bags that can be attached to the trolley, complete with nylon case and protective handles. Finally, we also offer foldable shopping trolley bags. They have Velcro fasteners and wheels for convenient transport, ensuring minimal bulk when folded.

Foldable bags with velcro or zipper closure

At Garrampa we are very clear about the need to replace disposable plastic bags, that's why we offer you an alternative that is environmentally friendly and much cooler. What are you waiting for to use this type of personalized recyclable bags? We are committed to reusable and personalized bags, manufacturing them in a wide variety of materials, which are resistant to transport any type of load. In addition, the printing surface of the economic advertising folding bags is complete, since all kinds of designs can be printed in the different spaces of the bag. A very useful, practical and visually attractive gift. The best option to print any brand and corporate design. And you, do you want one of Garrampa's personalized folding bags?