Personalized Softshell Jackets and Vests

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SoftShell or neoprene jackets to protect from the rain and wind of winter, with a unique customization.

Softshell embroidered with your logo or design

At Garrampa we appreciate quality, and these Softshell or neoprene jackets are one of the most versatile and high quality textile items we offer. All our employees have their Soft Shell jacket personalized with the Garrampa logo, so they can be protected from any of the adverse situations of winter, the freezing wind and the humidity of the rain. We have jackets for men, women, children and unisex models.

Softshell for men, women or children with your logo

They are one of the most used garments for the winter, since with its practical zipper it safeguards the inner temperature. They are made with breathable polyester fibers and elastane, and are found in all kinds of models, you can choose the one that best suits your tastes; we have softshells with plain colors, with and without hood, bright colors in contrast to other more neutral, and always under our seal of customization, in which you can capture the logo of the brand you want.

Frequently asked questions about SoftShell

Why buy customized softshells at Garrampa?

Garrampa is a supplier of softshell jackets customizable with logo, text or advertising slogan, softshell customization at low prices. We do the printing of advertising softshell in our workshops. Buy cheap customized softshell jackets in small or large quantities, softshells on demand from only 5 copies. Softshell jackets for companies.softshell jackets for associations, sports clubs, schools.softshell jackets for communities, works councils.for many years, we customize softshell jackets by embroidery, screen printing and marking or softshell jackets directly our factory. Garrampa has a highly qualified production team trained in the most innovative softshell jacket customization techniques, which allows us to control costs, quality and delivery times of the jackets. This is why thousands of customers rely on Garrampa for their custom softshell jacket purchases.

How to choose a cheap personalized softshell jacket?

Before buying a softshell jacket, we often have several questions: what is a softshell, what is a softshell jacket, or how to choose the right softshell to customize? To guide you in choosing your customized garment, let's start by giving you a definition of this product. The softshell jacket is a combination of 3 layers of technical fabrics. The first layer consists of keeping you warm while wicking away perspiration, we are talking about technical clothing like a breathable t-shirt.The second layer consists of doing the same thing, but provides more warmth, like a jacket or fleece.Finally, the third layer keeps you warm while protecting you from the elements, so it is waterproof and windproof like a jacket or parka. To choose a custom softshell jacket, first analyze your needs and ask yourself some questions such as: Do you need a softshell jacket for an event, do you need softshell jackets to outfit your employees, do you need to give softshell jackets as gifts to promote your company, do you need softshell jackets to promote your company? Softshell jackets are high-end corporate apparel and meet all your corporate clothing needs. Garrampa offers you professional softshell jackets, light and breathable, made in 2 or 3 layers, with polyester or elastane fillings, softshell jackets made with water-repellent fabrics. We propose you to discover a complete range of softshell jackets for men, women and children, softshell jackets available in a wide choice of cut, color and size. The advantage of this type of jacket is that it is not bulky, it is ideal for traveling, it slips easily into a bag.

Which softshell print to choose: embroidery, screen printing?

To choose the right softshell jacket customization, we invite you to think about the type of marking according to the softshell print you want: an embroidered softshell jacket, a screen-printed softshell jacket, a softshell jacket with a logo, a text or a promotional slogan, and finally the choice of color to customize the softshell jacket? Garrampa offers you several printing options.embroidered softshell jacket, high-end customization.softshell jacket screen printing, marking for small budgets.softshell jacket with transfer, for small quantities.softshell jacket with digital transfer, for four-color have chosen your softshell jacket, you have defined your customization, now you can define your budget to buy a cheap customized softshell jacket.

What is the delivery time for customized softshell jackets?

Garrampa offers a wide range of customized softshell jackets at reduced prices that we deliver quickly. Softshell jackets are generally delivered within 10-12 working days from the confirmation of the virtual sample. Shorter lead times are also available such as express production lead time and premium production lead time.