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In our online store we sell customized visors with the customer's logo design. This type of garments is different from the normal caps because they only have the visor part leaving the hair area uncovered, that's why they are so appreciated because they are cooler and more suitable in some situations where we don't want to be hot. In our online store you will find visors to customize different models and colors such as orange, green, blue, yellow, red and many more colors to choose from. Find in our online catalog models of visors for women and models of visors for men, we also have visors for children in children's sizes. We have several models and various materials such as cotton visors and plastic visors casino type in various colors. Custom visors have some advantages such as being cooler than traditional caps: some are made of mesh for better ventilation. need comfortable visors to wear all day long? You can't go wrong with our neoprene visors. They are molded to fit your head perfectly with durable, soft and secure material. Mesh or mesh visors are suitable for athletes as they help athletes stay cool and wick away moisture, while those looking for an inexpensive, single-use option for outdoor events may prefer cardboard visors.

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We work with leading manufacturers and suppliers of visors for customization. By working directly with the factory we are able to offer wholesale visors for a very cheap purchase price. All our visors can be customized with the logo or design you send us. Stamping a funny and original phrase is a great idea to promote your brand or business. Depending on the budget or quality of the final print result, they can be customized with different printing techniques, embroidery for visors being the best option for quality. If you are looking to customize at a more economical price screen printing is a great option. Visors have a lot of surface area to print on. Logos and branding are at head height, so they are hard to miss. They are lightweight, easy to carry and very affordable.

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Custom visors with your company logo, team mascot or message are effective promotional items that will help you extend your reach and brand identity. Popular with golfers and tennis players, visors are breathable summer accessories that soon made the top selling lists for their fashionable style and ability to provide protection from the sun. Shop our wholesale custom visors with your design in time for your corporate or personal event to help boost your message and serve as a lasting reminder of your special day. Custom visors are traditionally used for sports, but have a variety of uses, such as sun protection when going to the beach. Our visors are made of lightweight materials such as cotton twill, making them easy to carry and comfortable to wear. Your group is sure to stand out at the beach with these custom visors. If you have a sports brand or a gym, branded visors are a great way to promote your business. Since the logo or slogan will be worn on the recipient's head, it will be impossible for others to ignore your message.Are you planning an outdoor corporate event? If so, our cardboard visors will help you brand your team in style while promoting your business. Cardboard visors are ideal if you're looking for an inexpensive, one-time use option.