Cheap and original long sleeve polo shirts

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Customized and original long sleeve polo shirts are an elegant way to keep your employees informed with your company's logo and name.

Long sleeve polo shirts for men and women

Long sleeve polo shirts for men and women are the most comfortable uniform you can give to your employees. It serves as a summer uniform for companies, both for office staff, customer service and production workers. We have a wide variety of colors in polo shirts, with extensive customization on the chest, back or sleeve.

Long sleeve cotton polo shirts

Customized cotton long sleeve polo shirts are of high quality for employees, customers and suppliers alike. In addition, they are a great option to deliver at fairs or sponsor events in different places. Do not wait any longer and design your personalized short sleeve polo shirts!

Not a winter without your personalized long sleeve polo shirts

Creating your personalized long sleeve polo shirts with is very simple: just calculate your online quote by choosing the model or models of polo shirts for men, women or children that interest you the most. If you want to order customized long sleeve polo shirts, the best solution is to make polo shirts with embroidery of your logo or corporate brand on one of the sides as a shield. Although you can also print the polo shirts with techniques such as screen printing or digital printing, which are more economical, although their finish is less durable.

Materials of the customized long sleeve polo shirts

The models we have are made of pique fabric with elastane and covers seams in the neck. The sleeves are finished in ribbed fabric. The grammage of our polo shirts will allow you to choose between a lighter garment or one that will help you better protect you from the cold. This will depend on its use. It is not the same to create custom long sleeve polo shirts for the office, than for an outdoor event or for personnel belonging to the construction sector.

Custom long sleeve polo shirts for men and unisex

Custom long sleeve polo shirts for the business man. Our custom men's long sleeve polo shirts are made in ring spun pique knit cotton, which helps ensure a soft feel to the garment and allows it to be used for a multitude of environments. Men's and unisex custom white polo shirts are most commonly used as a basic garment to wear under a warm jacket and at the same time, do not leave behind the elegance of wearing a polo shirt with a ribbed collar and sleeves finished with elastic cuffs that keep the body warm while allowing the skin to breathe through the cotton fabric. If your goal is to create custom long sleeve polo shirts for a business type of man.

Long sleeve polo shirts for women with your design

Long sleeve polo shirts designed for women: an extra contribution of elegance. If you want the warmth and comfort that t-shirts give, but want to bring a degree of elegance to your wardrobe, you can't pass up our advertising long sleeve polo shirts for women. In addition to having the best brands on the market in personalized clothing such as Roly and B&C, we have the great advantage of having our own workshop for printing long sleeve advertising polo shirts for women. This increases the level of speed in getting your order finished in a very short period of time. You can choose from sizes ranging from XS to XXL, so you can create your custom women's long sleeve polo shirts for all kinds of events or campaigns where you are going to reach a large audience. What sets these custom women's polo shirts apart from other models is the tailored or semi-fitted cut and the choice of hemmed or elastic cuffed sleeves. Create your office uniforms or dress up your hostess team with these polo shirts with a scarf or pashmina to match your corporate image.