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Personalized and original short sleeve polo shirts are an elegant way to keep your employees informed with the logo and name of your company.

Short sleeve polo shirts for men and women

Short sleeve polo shirts for men and women are the most comfortable uniform you can give to your employees. They are suitable for office personnel, customer service and production workers. Another advantage of these polo shirts is the wide variety of customizations they allow, whether on the chest, back or sleeve.

Short sleeve cotton polo shirts

Customized cotton short sleeve polo shirts are of high quality for workers, customers and suppliers. In addition, they are a great option to deliver at fairs or sponsor events in different places. Do not wait any longer and design your personalized short sleeve polo shirts!

Cotton short sleeve advertising polo shirts and pique knitted fabric

Take advantage of our variety of cotton short sleeve advertising polo shirts and pique knitted fabric. In our online catalog we have polo shirts for men, women and children. You can also find polo shirts made of cotton and polyester blend. There are models of cotton polo shirts that have up to 11 colors available, both plain and combined, and you can choose them with 3 or 4 button placket.

Customize short sleeve polo shirts

Our short sleeve advertising polo shirts not only have the quality guarantee of leading brands in the market such as Roly or Gildan, but also offer many possibilities to customize them, given the variety of colors in which they are available. Depending on the grammage and type of fabric, you can use our polo shirts as workwear, since they can be washed at high temperatures. We also advise you, if you want to obtain a resistant and elegant garment, to order your short sleeve embroidered advertising polo shirts. The shield logo embroidery technique is one of the most requested for uniforms.

Customizable short sleeve polo shirts for kids

Children will be elegant with their personalized short sleeve polo shirts. The wide variety of colors available in our range of polo shirts with short sleeve advertising for kids is so wide that it suits whatever your needs are. By this we mean that you can print your promotional polo shirts for kids using techniques as diverse as ink screen printing, digital printing or one of the most used and demanded techniques: the embroidery of polo shirts for kids. This is because in this way you are creating a garment of great endurance, personalized and with a unique touch that the child will wear with elegance and style. We have models with 2, 3 buttons, and with resistant fabric, very useful for use as children's embroidered polo shirts for schools or nurseries. They are a type of garment very grateful with the washings and the treatment with detergents. Take advantage of our experience to print your logo or name on these breathable polo shirts. We will advise you at all times to make them perfect. The size range in which we have these embroidered short sleeve polo shirts for children goes from 3 to 15 years old.

Women's fitted polo shirts with your design

In our section of personalized short sleeve polo shirts for women, you can find polo shirts with straight cut, which are more loose fitting, or polo shirts with a fitted cut pattern and side slits that accentuates the waist and adapts to the female form. These features, along with the ribbed collar with decorative motifs, allow us to create custom short sleeve women's polo shirts with elegant advertising. Your logo can be printed on these polo shirts using screen printing, which is a very economical printing technique for large product runs. To further accentuate the feminine style, we offer polo shirts with short sleeves that are slightly gathered, highlighting the shape of the arms, and in colors such as purple or pastel shades.