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Customized short sleeve t-shirts are that gift that triumphs wherever you go. A direct way to advertise your business or company to a large audience. In Garrampa we know that they are the best way to surprise customers or your employees. For corporate events, company outings such as Christmas lunch or team building activities: giving personalized short sleeve t-shirts to clients or employees is always a great idea. That's why at Garrampa we have all kinds of models in different colors and shapes. Round collars, V-neck or V-shaped, original women's t-shirts and men's t-shirts, too; without forgetting, our range of short t-shirts for girls or boys. This last type of personalized short sleeve t-shirts are perfect for camps, birthday parties or schools. Choose the style and color of your customizable t-shirt. Remember that you have different options for sizes and sleeves, as well as shades. Find your personalized short sleeve t-shirt in Garrampa's online catalog.

Short sleeve T-shirts for men and women

We have short sleeve t-shirts for men and women. A promotional gift, perfect to share with your customers, suppliers or employees. In fact, they can be part of your own work uniform or reserve your custom short sleeve t-shirts for special occasions, you decide! From Garrampa we offer you a lot of models of custom short sleeve t-shirts so you can choose the one that best suits you. Make original designs or print your slogan or logo that, for sure, will dress more than one person.And our promotional short sleeve t-shirts are ideal for sharing with friends: weddings, bachelor parties, clubs, trips... any occasion is a good opportunity to customize your t-shirt! In addition, for a sports center, academy or club, it is also a great idea for advertising among its members.

Short sleeve cotton t-shirts

Cotton is a very nice and soft natural fiber. Moreover, it is a breathable, durable, machine washable and inexpensive fabric. In fact, our custom cotton short-sleeved t-shirts are the most useful way to express your slogan or logo of your company.Thus, it is a resource widely used to sponsor all kinds of events: fairs, conferences, concerts, celebrations, sports races ... Your custom cotton short-sleeved t-shirt can also be a great gift for customers or suppliers. Enter it in raffles or within purchases or orders. In addition, our personalized cotton t-shirts can be included as a welcome gift to your employees and make everyone wear your brand!

Short sleeve t-shirts for women

Your design on your promotional short sleeve t-shirts for women. Not only we have the classic designs of basic cotton t-shirts with round neck, but you can also print your promotional short sleeve t-shirts for women with V-neck, boat neck or also specific models in which the t-shirt has bare shoulders. We also have promotional t-shirts without tight fit, and with tubular fabric to print your advertising more easily. The models of short sleeve promotional t-shirts for women differ from the rest by having a shape that allows them to be fitted to the waist and hips.

Man short sleeve cotton t-shirt

There are custom unisex short sleeve t-shirts with a high grammage, which are widely used to print designs with screen printing that require several layers of inks, as they support very well several passes given the thickness of the cotton fabric. If you prefer to opt for more basic short sleeve t-shirts, you can use them in lighter weights and use them for specific uses such as promotions or parties. With our online catalog it is very easy to order your personalized short sleeve t-shirts for men. If you wish, we also have unisex models.

Customized short sleeve t-shirts for kids

Among our selection of short sleeve advertising t-shirts for kids, you will find a wide range of special sizes for all ages: from baby t-shirts to t-shirts for 16 year olds. Choose the one you like the most among the models we have of advertising t-shirts for girls with a fitted cut at the waist, V-neck or round neck, in plain and combined colors, to create your advertising t-shirt to match the colors of your design or logo. In addition, for them to practice sports without leaving aside the comfort of cotton, you can opt for the models of children's advertising t-shirts.

Frequently asked questions about Short sleeve shirts

How many sizes of short sleeve t-shirts do you offer?

At Garrampa we have different sizes for men's and women's short sleeve t-shirts. In the first case, our custom short sleeve t-shirts for men are available from size S to XXXL, depending on the model chosen. On the other hand, regarding this type of women's t-shirts online, we have for you sizes from XS to XXL (also depending on the model), check our size guide and make sure you order your correct size, don't miss out on your personalized short sleeve t-shirt! We also have children's sizes available: Children's sizes from XS to XL.

Is it possible to print the custom short sleeve t-shirts double sided?

Of course you can! At Garrampa it's possible to print on both sides of the t-shirt, and it's available on any type of inkjet printed t-shirt you choose. What are you waiting for to get your cheap personalized short sleeve t-shirts? For the summer, the gym or simply to be fashionable. Discover the selection of personalized short sleeve t-shirts! Discover the selection of personalized short sleeve t-shirts!

Is there a minimum order quantity for customizable short sleeve t-shirts?

Thinking of ordering for your family or close friends? Don't worry! Garrampa's minimum order quantity is 5 units. Get your personalized short sleeve t-shirts online now!

What material will my custom short sleeve t-shirt be made of?

Are you looking for cheap personalized short sleeve t-shirts? Garrampa is your website! And we are going to give you great news: all our custom printed short sleeve t-shirts are made with cotton.Cotton is a natural, lightweight, hypoallergenic and shrink-resistant fiber.

How do I wash my custom short sleeve t-shirt?

You are in luck: You can use the washing machine, but it must be at a low temperature. We recommend that you do not forget to wash your t-shirt inside out to avoid spoiling the print. It should be noted that custom short sleeve t-shirts cannot be put in the dryer. Also, to keep your customization short sleeve t-shirt looking like new, avoid ironing the print area where the graphic is located.