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For the in-between seasons or colder times, we recommend you choose one of our custom long sleeve t-shirts. An advertising and creative way, which acts as a canvas for you to put your logo or slogan. Garrampa's custom long sleeve t-shirts are available in different colors: red, black, white, blue, orange, gray, yellow, pink, etc. The chromatic range is huge, so you can choose the one you like the most. In addition, among our long sleeve t-shirts for women and men, we highlight our eco models. This type of long sleeve t-shirt for men and women are made with 100% organic cotton, a top quality fabric. We also have long sleeve t-shirts for boys or girls and babies: and bring the little ones in fashion with your personalized design. Discover in this section a very original and optimal gift for all kinds of situations: celebrations, travel, sports or go on the street.

Long sleeve t-shirts for men and women

We have original long sleeve t-shirts for women, and also for men. Our custom long sleeve t-shirts models are different, so you can choose the one that best suits your style, in fact, long sleeve t-shirts for men and women are a very eye-catching way to advertise your company or event. Without going any further, we have long sleeve t-shirts for men for sports or long sleeve t-shirts for women for running, ideal for promoting a gym or sports center.choose your long sleeve t-shirt, send us your design and we will adjust the chest, sleeves or back, we will make your long sleeve t-shirt special!

Long sleeve cotton t-shirts

At Garrampa we offer you customized long sleeve t-shirts at really competitive prices, but always selecting the best quality. Because we know that a t-shirt must be, above all, nice, light and comfortable. That's why we have made a firm bet on cotton. We have customized cotton long sleeve t-shirts, which are a very interesting type of item to customize. Our personalized cotton long sleeve t-shirts are ideal for any occasion: running, fashionable clothing, as a corporate gift or to celebrate your friend getting married, Garrampa's cheap personalized long sleeve t-shirts are the best detail! They are made with organic cotton, an amazing material in which to customize your logo, slogan or design. Check out our website and be amazed by Garrampa's custom long sleeve t-shirts.

Customize long sleeve t-shirts with logo

Customized long sleeve t-shirts with logo are a great garment for companies and clothing brands. Whether they are for your clothing brand and you are going to sell them or for your workers, these t-shirts fulfill the function of warmth and that your brand will be seen by many people. Do not hesitate and get to customize long sleeve t-shirts with logo at Bananaprint.

Customized long sleeve t-shirts for kids

We help you to choose your promotional long sleeve t-shirts for kids, because they are very useful as a basic garment to wear, for example, under the tracksuit in winter. Many of these t-shirts have reinforced seams on the neck and shoulders, so that they help to protect the garment and the body. Ask for more information to print your promotional long sleeve t-shirts for children, as there will be different possibilities for each model of t-shirt. If to all this we add the wide variety of sizes from 3 years to 15 years, you can order your screen printed t-shirts for an event involving children of all ages.

Womens long sleeve t-shirts for screen printing

Personalized long sleeve t-shirts for women are characterized by having side seams that give them the fitted shape they need to fit to the waist. In addition to having feminine cut, you can choose them with more or less wide and round neck. If you are not convinced by the custom long sleeve fitted t-shirts for women, you can always order one of our unisex models, the best idea is to choose the t-shirt that best suits the person who will wear it. It is not the same thing to dress women who need a higher degree of warmth with long-sleeved custom t-shirts, than those who are going to use them for activities that involve greater freedom of movement.

Frequently asked questions about Long sleeve shirts

How do I print a long sleeve t-shirt?

Personalizing a long sleeve t-shirt is very simple. First of all, you have to choose a model from our wide range of customized long sleeve t-shirts.From the cheapest to the most expensive, you are sure to find your ideal t-shirt. Choose the marking area and the visual, once this is done; you will have to send your logo to our graphic designers. They will validate the design and make changes, if necessary. Et voilà! Your custom long sleeve t-shirt order is placed.

How much does a custom long sleeve t-shirt cost?

As we usually tell you: it all depends on the model and brand of your customizable long sleeve t-shirts. Thus, you can find prices from just over 1 euro to almost 12.

Are there long sleeve t-shirts for women and children?

Of course! We have models of long sleeve t-shirts to customize both for women and for boys and girls; without forgetting, our offer in long sleeve t-shirts for men, don't miss our website and discover all our available models! We guarantee consistency in color and brand, when planning the sizes and quantities of your order.