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The classic advertising keychains are a promotional gift that never goes out of fashion, they have always been a hit with customers and will remain so for a long time.

Classic keychains ideal as advertising gifts

The classic key chains are ideal as advertising gifts for customers, suppliers or workers, having them every day in their hands, will make the brand memory is always present, which is what the advertising merchandising aims.

Classic key chains in various colors and materials

The classic promotional keychains have a multitude of colors and materials that will allow you to choose among all of them the one that best suits your business. On the other hand, if the key ring is discreet and does not clash too much with the keys, the customer will be more likely to carry it in his day-to-day life with his house, office or car keys.

Frequently asked questions about Classic key rings

What is the most common marking technique for personalized key chains?

The printing depends mainly on the material of the advertising key ring. In general we usually indicate the cheapest option or the one with the best finish. The most elegant printing is undoubtedly laser engraving, but if you need color printing it can also be done by pad printing.

What are the top sellers of personalized keychains?

The most popular advertising key rings are: the bottle opener key ring, the most practical at parties; the metal key ring with polyester ribbon, a classic for laser engraving your company logo with a spectacular finish; and the key ring in the shape of a house, perfect for real estate, hotels, apartments and other companies related to the tourism sector.

What varieties of promotional keychains do you have?

We have a wide catalog of personalized key chains, with more than 200 different key chains to choose from. There are metal keychains, plastic keychains, leather keychains, silicone keychains, polyester keychains and more. One of the most popular are the personalized metal keychains.

Is it possible to make promotional keychains with special shapes?

Of course, there is the possibility of making the custom keychains in any shape you want and also of any material you want. As they are usually made keychains, delivery times and the minimum number of units are usually extended. Contact us and we will give you more information about the keychains with the shape you want.