Advertising badges for events

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All kinds of badges and name badges to customize for events, fairs and festivals, the marketing of professionals!

Badge holders and badge covers

Identify yourself in a professional and eye-catching way with our personalized badges, a classic at any self-respecting event or trade show. If you want to add a touch of distinction and organize, categorize and control access to your event, you definitely need badges. They encourage networking among attendees, as they can be personalized with names, occupation, and other details of interest, while being economical and very versatile. Discover all the options of accreditation with us!

Company badge holders for congresses

You can't miss them: lanyards and badges make an event stand out from the rest by bringing visibility to trade fairs and marketing events. They can be ordered in large quantities, customized for festivals and large events where capacity control is paramount. Highlight the speakers with their own badges and make the attendees always wear them around your neck, even at lunch time, bet on the marketing tool for professionals!