Wedding tote bags

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The fabric bags are a very popular gift to hand out as a wedding favor or to include inside the bag the favor you want to hand out. In garrampa we have many fabric bags for weddings. Fabric bags with long handle or short handle, fabric bags with colored gusset, bags with contrasting color handle and many more models to choose your wedding bags. You can also choose your wedding cloth bag in various materials such as paper wedding bags, cotton wedding bags, sack cloth bags, raffia, jute and many more materials. If you are looking for a specific color for your wedding bag you can choose from many colors such as white, red, blue, yellow, all the colors you can imagine.

Bags to give as wedding favors

The bags can be given at the wedding as a detail or to keep in it the souvenir you want to distribute among the wedding guests. The wedding bags can be customized using various printing techniques. One of the most common is to screen print your wedding bag, this technique allows you to print a phrase or drawing in one or more colors. It is very common to print on the bag the name of the bride and groom and the date of the wedding. The large marking area allows you to print on the bag a funny design such as a caricature of the bride and groom or any other funny drawing. You can also print a photo of the bride and groom with other printing techniques such as sublimation wedding bags.

Decorated wedding bags for guests

One of the main uses of the wedding bags is to put the souvenir you want to give to your guests. If at the wedding you want to distribute a pack of fun for the open bar as if it were a cotillion personalized cloth bags are perfect to include that pack with the different accessories for dancing and open bar at the wedding. It is also a gift that after the wedding guests can give a utility in their daily life as a bag for the gym, for shopping and many more uses. The wedding balls are usually made of fabric and can be reused for countless utilities in everyday life.