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If you want to differentiate your wedding favors by gender and give wedding favors for men and wedding favors for women, the wedding mirrors are one of the best ideas to give as a detail in your wedding to women. At garrampa we have a wide variety of handbag mirrors to give as wedding favors. We have classic round models with lid, mirrors with comb or travel brush, elegant wooden wedding mirrors, card holder mirrors, metal or plastic wedding mirrors and many more models of handbag mirrors to choose from as a wedding favor. If choosing the right color is important for you in our online store we have wedding mirrors in all colors such as white, silver, red, blue and many more colors that will surprise your wedding guests.

Wedding favors mirrors as wedding favors

Mirrors make a great wedding favor and are sure to be a keepsake that women will cherish and keep forever. All our wedding handbag mirrors can be personalized. The handbag mirrors usually have a reduced marking surface so we advise you to print a short text such as the name of the bride and groom and the date of the wedding. You can also print on the wedding mirrors a romantic, funny or funny phrase that identifies with the bride and groom. Depending on the material of the wedding mirror these will be personalized with one or another marking technique. The metal wedding mirrors can be engraved with laser, the wooden ones with silk-screen printing or pad printing with ink of the color of the client's choice.

Cheap handbag mirrors to give as wedding favors

The handbag mirrors are one of the cheapest gifts to choose for your wedding but they will be appreciated by the guests when they receive them. It is a detail that can be used at the time of the wedding since the women guests who receive it can review the makeup with the practical wedding mirrors. During a wedding it is normal that you have to review the makeup, lips etc.. With these practical mirrors they will be able to do that review with total tranquility and avoid the waits and queues that are formed in the toilets. After the wedding is a gift that can be given giving utility in everyday life as it is common to carry several bags and in each of them is usually good to carry this type of mirrors in case the need for makeup arises from time to time.