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In garrampa we have wedding pens to give as a souvenir or detail to the guests during the celebration or wedding banquet. On our website we have different original and fun wedding pens to surprise the guests. Models of classic wedding pens, wedding pens with heart shapes, or finger shape like, pens shaped like a rose or pens with a funny pompom. For women we have fun lipstick shaped pens. Our wedding pens are available in a myriad of colors such as white, yellow, green, red, gold, silver and many more colors.

Cheap wedding pens to give as a gift as a detail

Wedding pens are usually a cheap and economical souvenir to offer as a detail at a wedding. The pens can be customized with different marking techniques and with the design or phrase that the customer wants to stamp. One of the most common printing is to stamp the name of the bride and groom together with the date of the wedding. You can also print the wedding pens with a short phrase or a funny, romantic or original dedication for the bride and groom. The wedding pens can be screen printed or ink printed with pad printing. This technique provides great quality and is very cheap. Another technique of higher quality is to laser engrave the wedding pens, this technique brings quality to the detail to surprise the guests with this souvenir.

Original wedding pens for guests

Giving original pens to guests at a wedding is a great idea. Pens are one of the most useful wedding favors to give as a gift. It is an inexpensive, small detail that takes up very little space and is easy to store or keep in a room at the wedding reception. Any wedding guest will appreciate its usefulness and will keep it as a souvenir of the happiest day for the bride and groom. Whether you want to keep it as a souvenir or use it in your daily life, the guest who receives the pen at the wedding will keep it in one way or another.