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If you decide to give a technological detail at your wedding, giving USB flash drives at your wedding may be a great idea. The USB flash drives every year increase their capacity as well as the needs of those who use them, that is why it is a product that is changed with some frequency. In garrampa we have in our online store of USB for fashion different models of different capacities. We have pendrives for weddings in the form of USB card, classic usb, usb key-shaped, ecological usbs for weddings and usb with original and fun shapes. We also have a wide range of colors of usb flash drives for weddings such as white, red, green, yellow and many more colors to choose from. If what you are worried about is that your wedding usb has a large capacity we have available various capacities such as usb flash drives of 8GB, 16 GB, 32 GB, 64 GB up to the capacity you need.

USB flash drives for wedding favors

All our wedding USB flash drives can be personalized. Wedding USB flash drives usually have a reduced marking area so it is usually advisable to print a short phrase such as the name of the bride and groom and the date of the wedding. You can also print a funny and amusing short phrase with which the bride and groom identify themselves, or a romantic dedication. Depending on the material of the wedding usb flash drives, they are personalized with one or another printing technique. The metallic usb flash drives are laser engraved, the wooden or cardboard usb flash drives are printed by screen printing or pad printing. You can also customize the usb flash drives for weddings in full color by sublimation or full color UV printing to include a small design or drawing or even a small photo.

Personalized USB flash drives for weddings

The USB memories as a wedding souvenir are very appreciated by the guests as it is a gift that after the wedding you can take advantage of a lot. It is well known the utilities that a USB flash drive has in daily life. It can be used to store photos, documents, transfer files, make backup copies and many more utilities that the wedding guests will appreciate and take advantage of. If the souvenir you want to give to the guests is a video or photos of the couple's love story, usb flash drives become essential when it comes to handing out that detail or digital souvenir that the bride and groom want to share with their guests on the day of the celebration.