Personalized keychain wedding gifts

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One of the main details to give at a wedding are the key chains, its reduced price and size along with its great utility make it one of the star gifts to give to guests during a wedding. The wedding keychains can be personalized with the name, date and place of the wedding so that this is an indelible memory for all the guests who attended the celebration. On our website you will find different models and materials of key chains for a wedding. Among the most classic are the metal or wooden keychains with basic square and round shapes where the names of the bride and groom can be stamped. For the most romantic there is a heart-shaped keychain where to stamp the name of the bride and groom.

Cheap and original wedding keychains for bride and groom

On our website you will find different models of keychains for a wedding with a different price range. Some models come in an elegant gift box to hand out and surprise guests with this great gift and souvenir of the wedding celebration. We have original and fun models for the bride and groom who want to surprise with a really different keychains. Visit our website and check the online price of the wedding keychains.

Wedding keychains with bottle opener or wooden keychains

One of the star wedding keychains that are usually given as a gift are the wedding keychains with bottle opener. On our website we have different models of this type of bottle opener with keychain included. Key chains with bottle opener, plastic, wood and metal. The wedding key chains with bottle opener can be personalized with the name and date of the bride and groom or any other design that the customer wants to provide us.