Cheap and personalized mirrors

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Perfection is impossible, but with these little mirrors you'll be closer than ever. Add your logo to them and advertise your brand to your most presumptuous clients.

Promotional mirrors to give away in promotions

First impressions are the most important, so don't forget your mirror to project the best version of you. Comb or no comb, a mirror can become your best ally before a meeting. Give it to your clients and create a must-have gift with your logo.

Beauty mirrors printed with your company logo

Take care of your business image with these elegant mirrors for all your customers and suppliers. Let your logo be seen and get publicity in a product as useful as this one. Its convenient size will make your customers won't want to part with it and keep your best image all day long.

Frequently asked questions about Mirrors

Who can give personalized coin purse mirrors as a gift?

The remarkable usefulness of handbag mirrors makes them personalized accessories that everyone likes. In fact, personalized handbag mirrors are beautiful and valid promotional gifts. They are useful items that women always carry with them, take up little space and are an excellent gift to give your company more visibility. They are an ideal gift for companies operating in the beauty sector, but not only. Personalized mirrors can be given to the most loyal customers of a perfumery, cosmetics or esthetics center; or they can be part of a hotel welcome pack; or they can be a corporate gift for your employees.

Which model of personalized mirror to choose?

In our catalog you will find personalized pocket mirrors in different shapes, materials and prices. We have inexpensive plastic models to use as promotional giveaways during trade shows and events; metal advertising mirrors perfect to give away at business events or to keep as part of corporate merchandising. You'll also find customizable handbag mirrors with double mirrors and mirrors that include a mini folding brush, for convenient carrying in your handbag.

How can I personalize purse mirrors?

In order to create excellent advertising products for you, we customize the bag mirrors with your logo, image or text of your choice, by pad printing or silkscreen printing. If you want to customize your bag mirrors with a very colorful logo or particular designs, we recommend the use of digital printing. In addition, the metal bag mirrors can be personalized with an elegant laser engraving that has no color, but remains indelible over time.

Why advertise with personalized mirrors?

Every woman always carries a mirror bag with her, that's why it is a great idea to give this kind of object as a promotional gift. In addition, nowadays it is necessary to always focus on visual communication because it is the most effective advertising strategy, since it allows to attract the viewer's attention, taking advantage of colors and graphic elements. For this reason, in muybuenaidea we have personalized mirrors in bright colors and different shapes. In addition, personalized mirror bags are also suitable as personalized advertising gifts to distribute at a trade show, after having presented your company's products, even with a practical demonstration. It is an effective way to retain potential customers and create the opportunity for them to come back to visit you when they need the services you offer.

What are the advantages of giving personalized mirrors?

Associated with a female clientele, personalized mirrors are a very popular gift because all women always carry this item with them. Many companies operating in the beauty industry choose these personalized gifts as a gift idea for events or trade shows, or buy these products as a simple gift to offer to their customers. Often these small personalized mirrors are combined with personalized clutches, this combination of products will allow you to offer an ideal set for your customers. Give your brand a wide exposure through an object of daily use. Customize these products with your logo, you will guarantee long lasting advertising over time, this is because we always guarantee both the quality of our items and their printing.