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If you are looking for an original design for your advertising notebook, be sure to check out our cheap custom elastic band notebooks that we have at Garrampa. We have them in all kinds of colors, perfect for combining them in all kinds of situations. Personalize your notebook with your brand, phrase or custom design. These personalized notebooks with elastic band are ideal for any type of business: from an academy, to an office, to a media company. You never know when a customizable elastic band notebook is necessary. At Garrampa we have different models.We highlight the customizable ecological notebooks, made with recycled materials, and also our antibacterial notebooks models. Write whatever you like, in addition to preserving everyone's health.

Moleskine type notebooks with erasers

The Moleskine rubber band notebooks are those notebooks with elastic band personalized cheap, with which you will triumph among your customers. That's why they have become a common gift among brands: they are comfortable to carry anywhere and they are well closed with their elastic band, the marker cord, as well as a large number of sheets to write all your notes. Tell us where you want us to make the design and we will do the rest. We are here to advise you and offer you incredible personalized Moleskine notebooks.

Notebooks with leatherette rubber to give to clients as a gift

At Garrampa we have notebooks with leatherette rubber to give to customers, suppliers and employees To give to whoever you want! And it is a very practical and appreciated personalized detail. This type of promotional notebooks stand out for their elegance and practicality. Your brand will go everywhere, since your customers will always carry it with them in their backpack, bag or briefcase. In addition, our notebooks with elastic band are perfect for jotting down errands, such as the shopping list. If you want to get your hands on one of our cheap custom elastic band notebooks, our designers are waiting to sketch your idea.

Frequently asked questions about Notebooks with elastic band

Why give cheap personalized elastic band notebooks as a gift?

Our cheap personalized elastic band notepads are a very practical work tool. With this type of personalized notepads you can take notes, collect ideas, jot down appointments and remember important events. Discover now our personalized notebooks and notepads to give away with logo or slogan and offer them to all your customers. Thanks to these promotional items, you can make your advertising message visible to all your customers.The notebooks with elastic band are an original gift to distribute at various events such as festivals, congresses or conferences..

Is it better to give an elastic band notebook or a document holder as a gift?

First of all, we would like to say that, either way, both advertising items are a small but great gift among all your employees. In addition, thanks to your personalized elastic band notebook or your customizable document holder; you will get a positive, professional and competent image in the eyes of your customers. That said, from Garrampa we would like to tell you that if you are organizing a conference, meeting or course; in our opinion, it is best to get one of our cheap personalized elastic band notebooks. Add your logo and combine them with your cheap pen, which you can give to all the participants in a complete and useful welcome kit; on the other hand, if you are looking for an item to promote your sales; the personalized document holders with the company logo are the most suitable accessory for you. They have notepads, compartments for business cards and some of them also include a calculator or a space for a power bank; ideal for charging your cell phone.

How are commercial elastic band notebooks personalized?

Without a doubt, the most requested printing technique for our cheap custom elastic band notebooks is screen printing Your elastic band notebooks can be screen printed with one or two colors, since it is a very economical and affordable method for any pocket.Customize at Garrampa your cheap custom elastic band notebooks and give them as gifts to people, during promotional campaigns at trade shows and promotional events. On the other hand, if you are thinking of customizing the cover of the notebook with a photo or an image with many colors, adding even nuances; do not hesitate to use the digital transfer or screen printed transfer, and for some models such as the customizable elastic band notebooks, there is the possibility of printing the logo in bas-relief or with a laser engraving for a truly unique effect. Remember: our notebooks can be personalized on the cover, front and back, but not on the inside of the pages. Moreover, the printing area varies according to the model and the personalization technique chosen. Thus, digital printing allows to customize the entire surface; while pad printing, which allows 4 spot colors, is not always available on the entire surface. We also have models where it is possible to place the logo or writing only in a specific area such as at the bottom or in the center. For more information, please contact our customer service.

Which model of cheap personalized elastic band notebooks to choose?

We have all kinds of models of customizable elastic band notebooks. In our collection, you will find different templates of personalized notebooks to offer to your customers in your marketing actions and advertising campaigns. Thus, when choosing your promotional notebooks, you should take into account the following: size (A4, A5 or pocket elastic band notebooks), material with which to manufacture the covers and sheets (polyester, paper, cardboard, fabric, etc. A rubber band notebook with square pages, with lines or completely blank? You choose in Garrampa! Discover in this selection of elastic band notebooks a variety of templates, to suit all kinds of needs and preferences. You just have to choose the one you like the most, it's that simple! Finally, among our latest novelties we have a range of notebooks with ecological elastic band, made with recycled paper or those personalized notebooks with cork or recycled cardboard cover. In addition, we have types of pages, made with waste stones and rocks present in nature, which make it resistant to water and tearing.