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If you are one of those creative minds that need to take notes on the spot, Garrampa's cheap personalized small notebooks are ideal for you. The size of the palm of your hand, in different colors and materials and, some of them, accompanied by writing accessories such as pens or pencils. Without a doubt, your personalized small notebook can go with you wherever you go. They fit in your pocket or purse and are very useful for work, take note of an address, write down an appointment or go shopping. These cheap and beautiful notebooks are an ideal gift for events such as lectures or conferences, as well as weddings, baptisms and communions. And it is that this type of personalized notebooks with name are a detail that will not leave indifferent. Discover in this section our small personalized notebooks cheap.

Personalized mini notebooks to give as gifts

Garrampa is your personalized notebooks manufacturer, we are professionals in the sector. Therefore, we know that personalized mini notebooks to give as a gift are a hit for your customers or suppliers. Make the perfect combo of merchandising, along with one of our models of advertising pens.And its design and small size is ideal for taking notes without bulking too much in your bag or backpack. So we know that these small notebooks are a sensational gift. Discover the Indian tribe notebook to make a detail of first communion or give a mini notebook with pen included in a study center. The personalized mini notebooks to give as a gift are cheap and are one of the personalized gifts that always triumphs.

Mini advertising notebooks with printed logo

One of the most used promotional items in merchandising are the mini promotional notebooks with printed logo. These cheap personalized small notebooks are a sensational and original detail Set yourself apart from the normal notebooks and give the public some nice and practical notebooks, because, despite their small size, they have a large number of pages. Let your customers' imagination run wild, as they can write all kinds of ideas, notes, songs or even drawings in their free time, one of the best ways to advertise. The mini advertising notebooks with printed logo will allow you to take your brand to all kinds of places and moments. They are a great advertising medium that, at Garrampa, you can create to your liking. Discover how your personalized design will look like.

Frequently asked questions about Small notebooks

What special models of personalized pocket notebooks do you have?

When it comes to small notebooks with logo, we do not only offer classic custom notebooks, but also eco-friendly models made of cardboard and recycled paper. In addition, we have small personalized notebooks to give to children a detail to unleash their imagination Our pocket notebooks for companies have their own pens, as well as post-it notes or pens. A complete gift, ready to be delivered.

When to give cheap personalized small notebooks as a gift?

Small personalized notebooks are a corporate gift, versatile and accessible in different sizes. In fact, there are those who prefer a small model, since it is much more comfortable to keep in the bag, without going any further. And it is that these small personalized notebooks serve for all kinds of occasions and moments: in the office, in the library, at home, during a conference or congress, at university ... In all these places it is necessary to take notes. And to take notes? On the other hand, to welcome one of your new employees, a kit with one of our personalized small notebooks is a great way to start in a new place. You can make the best welcome kit!

How does a notebook differ from a small notebook?

First of all, they are both part of our cheap personalized small notebooks section, so they are both designed to be easily portable, given their small size and quick note taking. Their main difference is in the format. While the small notepads open like a normal notebook, the custom pocket notepads are a bit smaller, generally have fewer sheets and unfold vertically. The pocket notepad is used to take brief notes at a specific time: policemen during an investigation, waiters attending to their orders or journalists, making notes in an interview. In contrast, a small pocket notebook is designed for longer use, like a travel diary, but without losing that space-saving advantage.

What are the lead times for small personalized notebooks with logo?

Garrampa's production and delivery times vary between 7 and 10 working days, once the proof is already approved.It is true that there may be small variations, depending on the pattern and printing technique chosen, but they mainly occur according to the quantity of the order. Thus, on the website you will see a small summary with the costs and shipping time, located in the section on the right.Choose the color, quantity and type of printing and, if you are short of time, remember that we have an express delivery service, which will reduce shipping times. Let us know and we will proceed with your express delivery. Standard delivery is free of charge, while express delivery does have an additional cost, which is calculated according to the weight of your order.