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You can write down things in your hand, in your cell phone notes, but as the cheap personalized sticky notes you will not find anything better to remember.

Post it personalized with your logo

The post it personalized with your logo are very common in all businesses, when you deliver a note to the customer, just to see the printed logo will remember the place where it has been given and there will be less chance of misplaced in a bag or a desk.

Promotional post it notebooks with your brand printed on it

Making advertising post-it notes with your brand name printed on them shows authority before customers and suppliers, worrying about making all the stationery with the name of your company is a step ahead. When your employees see them or have to hand them out to your clients, they will be surprised.

Frequently asked questions about Sticky notes

Why give personalized post-its as a gift?

Post-it notes are a very useful business tool for jotting down ideas, reminders of important events or due dates. There are various shapes, from the classic colored square models to the small rectangular ones, excellent for marking pages and being able to find them quickly. In the age of technology, where everything is remembered by the phone, this colorful advertising gift is never missing: you will always find a post-it stuck to the PC screen in the office to remind us of a meeting or to call someone, or on the kitchen fridge with the shopping list written on it. So we can really say that post-its are still the best friends of all of us who have a thousand things to remember in our long and hectic days.

Who is the target audience for this type of promotional gift?

Post-its are especially loved by orderly and well-organized people, who, through colors, are able to give an organized and structured subdivision to their work. Students also use them extensively to be able to take notes without having to scribble in books with pen and pencil or add additional information to notes. But we certainly all use them a lot as a reminder. So post-its are a promotional gift for every clientele. Customize company memos with your logo or slogan and offer them to your customers as promotional items at trade shows and advertising campaigns. By doing this, your advertising message will be visible to your customers and the people who come in contact with them while using them.

What are the trend models for business notes?

Surely, we live in a time when the eyes are constantly focused on ecology and therefore on the search for personalized and environmentally friendly gifts. Taking a look at the various advertising post-its offered on our website, you will notice that many of them are made with cork or recycled cardboard covers, the sheets are usually made of recycled paper and, when present, even the promotional pens supplied are usually made of cardboard.

What kind of customization can be done on post-it notes?

It is possible to customize the covers on the outside of the post-its and on the desk sets supplied with the pen, the latter is almost always customizable. The printing techniques change according to the type of material, for example almost everything can be printed in color, while some particular models, such as those with a cork cover, can be personalized with a laser engraving that leaves a truly unique effect on this type of material.

What are the advantages of giving personalized sticky notes as gifts?

Personalized post-it notes are very useful for those who work in the office, but not only. They are used to take notes during lectures at university or at home, to remind you of an important appointment. In short, we all use them! Give personalized post-its to promote your business, your brand will be under the eyes of your customers every day. Discover the models we have selected for you, many sets with colored sticky notes and bookmarks, with the possibility of customization with your company logo, take advantage of our high quality products and give an original promotional item!

How can I order a personalized Post-it note?

Buying your advertising sticky notes is very simple. Choose the model that suits your needs, select the color, the printing position, the quantity and upload the file to customize it. All that remains is to wait for the preview of the graphic and check that our proposal matches your idea. Only when you are completely satisfied, we will start production. The delivery of your post-its is free of charge all over Italy. Do you need information about shipping or delivery times? Contact our customer service, we will be happy to help you!