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Undoubtedly, one of those gifts that always triumphs, are the cups. Mugs made of earthenware or any other material, in different tones, sometimes even with a matching spoon. In short, the classic breakfast mugs that never leave anyone indifferent. A useful, economical and highly recommended gift to promote your brand. Garrampa's cheap classic advertising mugs are a great option for you. We have different models: with or without handle, in metal or ceramic, with anti-leak system, with silver or bronze tones and even with a drawing of an emoji. Classic coffee mugs are always a wise decision. And a mug is not just a mug: it can even be your retro pen holder at the office. Don't go out of the conventional and make sure your clients make use of your gift by offering them classic mugs personalized with your brand..

Classic mug perfect as a gift for your customers

Coffee and tea cups are always a welcome gift. And even more, at a time when an ecological thinking is visible among the population: the cheap Garrampa classic advertising mugs will serve your customers to replace plastic cups and always reuse their beverage accessory.Therefore, we recommend you to design your mug model, stamping your logo or brand slogan. The classic cheap advertising mugs, which we have on the Garrampa website, are available in different colors (pink, orange, white, black, yellow, blue, red, green...) and shapes. The easiest way to advertise and leave your customers with a smile on their face. And it is a very practical and beautiful gift, too. Customize one of our cheap Garrampa classic advertising mugs and offer your customers a great souvenir of you, and if you are wondering how to silk-screen print a mug, our team will be happy to answer you. Write to us! Types of cheap white mugsCheap white mugs can be made of different types of materials: Cheap white plastic mugs are usually the cheapest. Their quality is inferior to others such as porcelain. They are lightweight and are available in a wide range of colors. White plastic mugs are usually customized with the pad printing method, achieving excellent results. Cheap white plastic mugs are the perfect promotional gift for events and congresses, where a large number of units are handed out. White ceramic mugs: These are probably the best-selling cheap white mugs, although nowadays the thermal mug is almost more commonly used. They are usually the most demanded since, thanks to their manufacturing material, they have a higher quality than the plastic ones, being more resistant. White ceramic mugs are the classic breakfast mugs. They are suitable to give as a gift to clients or workers of the company, also they usually buy the white ceramic mugs to give to friends or relatives. They are microwave and dishwasher safe. White metal mugs: In recent years, white metal mugs have become fashionable thanks to their retro look that reminds us of childhood mugs. Cheap white metal mugs can be customized by screen printing. At Garrampa you can find two methods to customize cheap white mugs: screen printing or sublimation. Sublimated white mugs: sublimated white mugs are usually used for photographs or logos with a large number of colors, however the finish is not as perfect as screen printed ones. Screen-printed white mugs: Screen-printed white mugs are suitable when an image with few colors is to be used. The finish is of excellent quality. When customizing cheap white mugs we will have to take into account: the image we are going to print, the objectives of the company and the target audience, in this way we will choose the best white mug to customize. However, if we do not know which product or technique to choose, call us and Garrampa's team will recommend the most suitable option.

Classic mugs with handle for office giveaways

Garrampa's classic mugs have a large surface to customize with your logo, creating the ideal design for you. Therefore, they are a very nice detail to give to your employees in special moments; such as a retirement, a maternity or a business triumph.without going any further, our classic personalized mugs are also a great idea as a Christmas gift. You can include them in the basket and you can even add a photo. A classic way to always get it right with your gift, since it is a very practical, usable product and, above all, has a great price.Remember: whatever style you are looking for, in Garrampa we do it! If you are a classic, our cheap classic advertising mugs are perfect for you; but if you are looking for a more disruptive style, do not hesitate to take a look at our category of mugs to customize. Give utility and unique moments with Garrampa!