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In every house you have lunch boxes, an item that is widely used, as they are very useful and you don't know when you might need them. If you want to promote your business, customize our lunch boxes with your logo and take your brand wherever you go.

Logo printed lunch boxes for food

More and more at work instead of eating out, everyone takes their own food to save and also eat healthier, what better to take the lunch box with your logo to advertise wherever you go.

Food coolers perfect as a gift to clients

We have several models of lunch boxes, we even have tupper for the sandwich!!! Choose the model you like the most, with or without accessories and customize it with your brand, in one or several colors. The lunch boxes are extremely practical items with which to move food from home to anywhere else, without fear of spoiling along the way.

Frequently asked questions about Lunch boxes

What models of custom to-go containers do you have?

We can categorize the lunch boxes in our collection based on different features. You'll find customizable lunch boxes with a single compartment or with multiple compartments so you can separate different foods; models with airtight lids to ensure the contents don't spill during transport. Then we can divide them according to the composition materials: finding PP plastic, steel, glass, bamboo fibers or wheat. In terms of capacity, we can satisfy various needs, as we have small containers of about 230 ml, medium containers of about 500 ml and also large 1l lunch boxes to carry large quantities of food ideal for picnics and mountain trips.

Do you have eco-friendly food containers?

Yes, the ecological trends for the protection of the planet are increasingly growing and there are many companies that, aware of this, want to transmit these values to customers and employees by giving them ecological corporate gifts. That's why in our collection of promotional gifts you will always find eco-friendly promotional items. Specifically, in this category you can find food packaging to customize with the company logo made entirely or partially with respectful materials. For example, we have steel lunch boxes with bamboo lids, or plastic containers mixed with bamboo or wheat fibers and lunch boxes like the customizable Eco lunch box made with bamboo fibers and corn starch.