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Our personalized tablecloths are identified by being perfectly customizable with any design, choose the size and model you want and customize it with your logo. You can use them for your own restaurant or you can even give them to your customers so they can also use them.

Kitchen tablecloths ideal as corporate gifts

The kitchen tablecloths are ideal as a corporate gift to customers, either individuals or restaurants where they can see more customers your brand. In addition to serving as a personalized gift item, you can make them for the dining room of your company and surprise all your employees.

Personalized placemats with your logo

Customized placemats with your logo allow you to personalize placemats that will give more visibility to your brand. They are not only for customers and employees of your company, but they can also be converted from an ordinary table to a customized booth for trade shows and events. Everyone who passes by will stop to see what's on your table and will see the placemat in the background.