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Advertising corkscrews are the star gift among restaurants, bars, wineries and gourmet clubs. Help your customers to open their best bottles of wine thanks to your personalized corkscrew.

Personalized wine corkscrew to give to your clients

The personalized corkscrew to give to customers is the ideal gift along with a bottle of wine, your customer will be more than grateful and will help to foster a good relationship. This bottle opener will be kept in their kitchen drawer, remembering your brand every time they open it.

Wine corkscrews with your logo or company design

The corkscrews with your logo or company design help the customer to keep the name of the company. When they are surprised by your design, they will look at the brand or where it has been purchased and they will see that it goes with your brand and your design, another original way to capture their attention with an advertising gift.

Frequently asked questions about Corkscrew

What models of personalized corkscrews are there?

1. Waiter's corkscrewWaiter's corkscrews - also known as wine keys - are the standard tool of choice for most establishments. They offer the perfect blend of affordability, compact size and functionality and are considered the oldest way to open a bottle of wine. Pocket corkscrewPocket corkscrews have a compact size that is perfect for carrying in apron or pants pockets. Many pocket corkscrews include a sheath to prevent the corkscrew worm from going through fabric or pockets.3. Winged corkscrewWinged, or winged, corkscrews are a popular choice for removing synthetic cork due to their ease of use. In addition, they can be used on corks of all sizes for added versatility.4. Electric CorkscrewsElectric corkscrews are the easiest way to open wine bottles. Their simple push-button operation makes it easy for anyone to open a bottle of wine. Lever corkscrewLever corkscrews are rapidly gaining popularity due to their ease of use. Most lever corkscrews require only two movements, one forward where the worm is inserted into the cork and another that gently pulls the cork out of the bottle.

What to consider when buying a personalized corkscrew?

Ease of use:Pressing the handle of the stainless steel corkscrew into the wine cork by handThe first thing to consider when purchasing a corkscrew opener or corkscrew is its ease of use.Cost:Smaller operations or establishments with sommeliers or staff trained in removing wine corks may opt for a pocket or waiter's corkscrew. Size:Smaller corkscrews, such as waiter and pocket corkscrews, are a great option for on-the-go staff.Cork type:Different types of corkscrews are great for extracting different types of cork. For starters, there are two types of wine cork: synthetic and natural.

What is a corkscrew?

Traditionally, corkscrews are known as tools for removing corks from bottles, but they can be so much more. Clearly an essential bar tool for those who enjoy wine, corkscrews can include integrated blades, bottle openers and other features that make serving cocktails easier. Plus, whether you're a wine drinker or not, every good bartender should have a corkscrew or wine opener on hand to serve their guests.