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Beach balls are an item that you can use both as a merchandising item and for advertising. It's an item that your customer will always like, it's something they can use during the summer season and it's an economical item.

Wholesale beach balls

Have fun and play with our fantastic custom beach balls. Something that can not miss this summer are the inflatable balls and if you also customize them with your logo is an infallible item for your advertising.

Beach balls with your advertising or logo

Customize them with your logo on one or several segments. There are models that you can customize in up to 4 inks. Beach balls are an indispensable item to advertise your brand. It takes up little space and you can take it with you and inflate it wherever you go and then put it away again.

Frequently asked questions about Beach balls

What is a beach ball?

As mentioned above, beach balls are easy to move and very light. They are large compared to footballs and basketballs. They are made up of soft plastic panels with two circular panels at the ends that have a shape similar to the structure of the earth. It is known as a sphere. At one of the circular ends of the beach ball, we find an outlet to inflate the ball. We can use a balloon inflation machine or we can also use our mouth to inflate the ball successfully.

What colors of custom beach balls do you carry?

Multicolor - Alternating colors on each panel is always a popular choice. The more color, the more attention your beach balls will attract. Within the multicolor category, you will find the traditional primary colors: white, blue, orange, yellow, red and green. However, there are many other fun and wild beach balls to choose from with many multicolor combinations.Solid Color - Often, a simple approach is the most elegant. With solid colors, all beach balls are one color. There are many solid colors to choose from. Since beach balls are one color, your logo will stand out much more than on multi-colored beach balls. Whether you are looking for a primary color, a bright color s you can probably find it.Bi-color - They are just what you would expect: 2 different color panels that alternate. Virtually any common color you want is available in this color combination. Many of the colors alternate with white or translucent panels, while other combinations are made with other colors. Chances are we have your company's colors.Translucent Color - These beach balls are transparent and come in many different colors. While some of them are really clear, others are just translucent, meaning you can see through them but they are not completely clear. In the case of translucent colors, you can get multi-color, solid color or two-tone options that are also translucent. These are very popular and there are still a large number of beach balls to choose from.

What size of custom beach ball do you have?

Beach balls come in many different sizes, starting with a mini beach ball size of only 6″ all the way up to 48″ in size. It is important to understand how beach balls are measured. The measurement size represents the distance around the beach ball from one pole to the opposite pole or half of the circumference. It does NOT mean the diameter or straight line measurement of the beach ball.Being spherical, beach balls are smaller than you would expect from the measurement, so if you want them big, make them big! Here are some of the most common sizes of beach balls:15 cm - These mini sized beach balls are about the size of a grapefruit.30 cm - This is a common beach ball size for indoor events and is about the size of a large cantaloupe.40 cm - This is by far the most common beach ball size. They are approximately the size of a standard basketball. Since it is the most popular size, you will find the most colors and styles in this size.60 cm - If you need a beach ball a little larger than a basketball, this is a great option. It is the most popular of the large size beach balls and there are a variety of styles and colors available.90 cm - If you still need a size larger than 90 cm, but don't want to bust your budget with a 48″ size, these 36″ beach balls come in several different color options.

What styles of custom beach balls are available?

Sports Beach Balls - Whether you're selling them as fundraisers at sports games or giving them as gifts to boost team spirit, they make fun gifts for sports teams. They are also great marketing pieces for sporting goods stores to promote sales, events and signings of professional athletes.Balloon beach balls - These beach balls are ideal for those in the education business, such as schools, as well as companies that sell educational supplies. Another great use for balloon beach balls is for companies that want to highlight their availability and involvement internationally. While they are not exact replicas of the world map, they come very close and can be very educational. Choose from blue or translucent globes with a printed world map and your logo.