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Within the cheap customized bottles section, our customized plastic water bottles stand out although they are also available in other materials such as glass, metal, natural cork, glass or specialized plastics such as Tritan or RPET. The latter is an environmentally sustainable plastic. Garrampa water bottles are a great advertising gift, as they can be filled and transported wherever you want. Customize plastic water bottles with your logo and give them as gifts for all kinds of events: bottles for the office, for summer camps, concerts; as well as gym or cycling bottles. You choose the best moment to give one of our customized plastic water bottles.

Customized jerry cans with your logo

As we said, customized jerry cans with your logo allow you to carry water, coffee, tea or whatever you want everywhere. Avoid buying plastic bottles and always carry an advertising water bottle with you and follow an eco philosophy. You can give these promotional water bottles to your entire office, to all your customers, even to your suppliers. This type of personalized water bottles is not only for athletes, but it is a very useful and practical accessory, accompany all your loved ones, with the help of Garrampa, with your promotional gift water bottle and help the environment not to waste more non-reusable plastic.

Promotional canisters for events

Without a doubt, the advertising jerry cans have become the star promotional gift for events, no matter what type they are: meetings, conferences, concerts, small stands, fairs ... there will always be someone who has these jerry cans with the brand of your company. Therefore, from Garrampa, we encourage you to place your order of customized plastic water bottles and start your brand's journey in libraries, universities, workplaces of all kinds or festivals; this is an incredible publicity and for free, that people will do.

Frequently asked questions about Drums

Do you offer express delivery for customized drums?

At the Garrampa factory we have a standard production lead time and we also have faster lead times such as express and premium, which carry an extra charge. On standard orders, the delivery of customized water bottles takes an average of 10 days. However, we can make your delivery of sports water bottles faster; applying a small extra cost.

When is it best to offer customized drums?

The best time is the one you want. You can offer personalized plastic water bottles at fairs, congresses, company events, gyms or concert merchandising, for example. Give a personalized aluminum water bottle with your brand to each of the participants, a great idea to advertise your business and refresh people.

Can you make custom drums?

At Garrampa, everything is possible, from the option of already manufactured drums and customize them with your brand to the option of making customized drums. The only thing to keep in mind is that the delivery time will be longer, since the manufacture of your customized water drums will be complete. Customized water drums allow you to choose the exact color of the drum to match the color of your corporate brand. Other elements such as, for example, the cap, fasteners and carabiner can also be customized. Consult with our sales department and find out how to surprise your team with the cheap customized jerry cans that we have at Garrampa.

How many different types of materials are there in the composition of drums?

There are different types of materials such as plastics that are not harmful to health and can be washed without problems of generating toxic substances to health. This is the case of Tritan plastic, visible in different models. Also, metal drums are very popular, as they maintain the temperature of the liquid inside in a cold and hot state. On the other hand, we have customizable glass water bottles, for those who do not like to use plastics, and finally, we have other models of customized silicone water bottles. This material is characterized by a better hand grip, which provides a better grip and security.You choose in Garrampa your personalized water bottle! Our plastic, glass or metal water bottles are waiting for you.