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Bringing hot coffee to the office is one of those challenges that most workers have every morning. So why not go for a coffee thermos to go? At Garrampa we have a wide variety of cheap personalized thermoses so you can design them as you like.Discover them in different sizes such as half liter, 600 ml or 350 ml for a single person. Our designs for personalized thermoses are varied: in the shape of a cup or bottle, ecological, with bag included for transport, with hook for hanging (ideal for hiking), with anti-drip system, in different colors, with matching cups; as well as with a tactile temperature gauge for hot or cold. And is that the cheap advertising thermos is a promotional detail that pleases anyone. Take advantage and find the best thermoses to customize, below.

Personalized thermal bottles

Within our category of promotional thermoses, we have some of them in the form of customized bottles. At Garrampa you can keep your drinks hot or cold, for a long period of time, that's why our cheap personalized thermoses are ideal for any kind of occasion: to go to work, to travel or to be on time for that special date. Remember that in our online store it is very easy to customize all our advertising items such as thermoses for water or coffee. You just have to choose the model, the color and send us your company logo.Customized thermos to always have your drinks at handEconomic thermoses for coffee allow you to make them with your own design, your motivational phrase of every morning or the logo of your company. They are very useful not only to carry your hot coffee but also to make raffles in social networks, among your customers or to have a detail with your workers without making a big outlay. Personalized thermoses respond to a common need in daily life, that of transporting beverages while maintaining the desired temperature. In fact, there are countless opportunities to use a portable thermos that attracts attention and attention and inevitably becomes a profitable marketing tool. For this reason, personalized thermos flasks are increasingly requested by brands that want to develop a promotional plan based on corporate gifts, to give away during trade fairs, meetings or business conventions, especially for companies or chain stores linked to the food sector. In Garrampa you can find the travel thermos that best suits your needs, on which you can design your logo screen-printed, laser engraved or digitally printed, using the latest generation machinery that allows you to enhance the image you want to customize.

Advertising coffee flasks

How many times have you thought of making an advertising coffee thermos to promote your business? Customize one of our cheap personalized thermos models and choose your image or phrase to represent your brand. No matter what kind of company you are, it is a promotional detail that you will always get right and will be very well received by those who receive it. So now you know, if you are wondering where to customize thermoses of quality and at a good price; in Garrampa we will give you the answers. Choose your personalized thermos in the tone you like: pink, yellow, black, silver, wood, blue, red... take a look at our website!

Frequently asked questions about Thermos

How should I clean my custom thermos?

Most of our products are dishwasher safe, but we recommend washing them by hand to keep their finish in good condition. Remember: it is very important that you never use bleach or any other cleaner containing this product for cleaning Garrampa's cheap personalized thermos flasks.

How can I remove discoloration from the inside of my advertising thermos?

If discoloration is observed, it is almost always a buildup of coffee or tea in your container. Hence, we recommend the following trick: get yourself a coffee pot cleaner or denture tablets, as they are usually the best for removing stubborn stains and odors. Put two denture tablets in your custom coffee thermos with hot water and let it soak overnight. Then wash it with soap and water and rinse it well and, if applicable, let it dry before using it. Lemon juice can also be used to eliminate odors.

Do custom thermoses contain lead?

The answer is no: Garrampa's original thermoses are subjected to rigorous testing by independent laboratories. As a result of this testing, we can ensure that our cheap customized thermoses do not pose a risk of lead exposure to consumers. This way, you will be able to drink your coffee or tea in Garrampa's cheap personalized thermos flasks, preserving all its properties.

How can I get the best temperature retention from my customized thermos?

For maximum performance and heat retention, preheat the inside of the thermos with hot water, according to the care and use instructions for best results. If you are preparing a thermos jar to fill with soup, pasta or any other hot food, you may heat it in the microwave, before filling the jar, or even in a radiator. Please be careful when handling the hot contents. Remember that you are not heating the food or beverage to eat it on the spot, but you are doing this process in order to eat it safely hours later.