Hub with USB ports cheap and personalized

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Don't settle for just one USB port and give these hubs with different inputs to connect everything to the same device.

USB plugs for your computer

Take advantage of this computer product to advertise your brand at congresses and meetings. Distribute it among your best customers and make it easy for them to connect their devices thanks to these plugs with different inputs.

Hub USB ports advertising with your logo

A small but useful gift, transportable everywhere. Facilitate the connection of different devices to your PC and add your logo to this original and useful item. An affordable and customizable gift with your logo.

Frequently asked questions about Hub USB ports

Why give a personalized Hub as a corporate gift?

Personalized usb hubs are merchandising gifts with great potential because they will solve a problem for many customers or employees. In fact, we often find ourselves working with PCs that only have 1 or 2 USB outputs, this becomes very stressful because we do not have enough USB ports to connect various devices, such as USB sticks, hard drives or simply the cell phone. By giving away a promotional hub, you save your customers the cost and hassle of having to go to a specialized store to buy one. On our website you will find modern models, with simple and essential lines such as USB Alu Hub or fun and quirky, such as Hub Brick, in the shape of a lego brick. In conclusion, whether you choose a classic model or a particular model, the recipient will appreciate your innovative and different from the usual gift.

Can I get a personalized sample before confirming the order?

We usually send neutral samples, but not customized because the printing cost of a customized USB hub is very high and we cannot offer you a competitive price. For this reason, before starting the order, we send a digital printing proof made by our factory graphics, which will show you, to scale, how exactly your advertising gift will look like. However, if you really need a customized physical sample, we can do it, the price will not be cheap, but the printing cost will be discounted by the order you place.