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In terms of computer accessories, custom webcam covers have become indispensable for the additional security they provide. Undoubtedly, this product is one of the most suitable products to ensure your privacy and that no unwanted image can be captured by a hacker. They can be used for your business or personal laptop, but it is also a great advertising device to be handed out to potential customers at trade shows and events.

Personalized webcam protectors

They can be a good choice for those companies that deal with cybersecurity or security in general, but it is a versatile gift that conveys security value and can be given by companies of all types.

Frequently asked questions about Webcam cover

Why give personalized webcam covers as a gift?

Personalized webcam covers are a gift for which there is no specific season of the year when it is best to give them as a gift. What we can highlight is that their purchase is becoming more and more frequent for security reasons. In the past it was easy to detect if someone had remotely activated your PC's camera, because the light would come on; Today, however, malicious software has emerged that allows this function without the light coming on, making it difficult to know if your computer has been hacked and, therefore, if someone is spying on you. Considering that they are a type of inexpensive personalized gifts, they are perfect as corporate gifts to advertise your store that sells or repairs laptops or complementary accessories. 

What models of webcam covers do you have?

In our collection you will find customizable webcam protectors with your logo that attach to the PC by means of a sticker, but we also have clip-on models for those who prefer not to have to worry if the sticker will lose its effect over time. As for functional features, most models feature a sliding system, which allows you to cover and uncover the laptop camera as you wish, leaving the accessory fixed to the PC. The aforementioned webcam clip cover does not have this feature, so if you want to use the camera, you will have to remove it. As for the materials, the custom webcam protectors are all made of plastic available in various shapes and colors. Obviously, you can't miss an eco-friendly version made from a new wheat-based bioplastic. In terms of prices, you will find inexpensive custom webcam cases and more elaborate models that stand out for their aesthetics.

What other advertising gifts can I combine them with?

The promotional items best suited to promotional webcam covers are customized tech devices. You can create a special package designed for frequent computer users that also contains a mouse, hub or USB port adapter. Other related, but less directly related accessories can be smart watches, headphones, portable mini speakers and even power banks, which are being used more and more frequently. However, even if it is a technology-related object, it can also be combined with different products. For example, you can create a very interesting office or smartworking kit that includes them together with customized touchscreen pens, notebooks, water bottles or mugs, accessories for everyday use. Always remember to keep in mind who the recipients of your personalized gift kit are and their needs.

What are the delivery times for webcam covers?

Generally, the standard production and delivery time for your custom webcam cases is between 7 and 10 business days, which starts from the moment the proof is approved and payment is made. Be punctual in carrying out these operations, as a delay on your part may result in a delay in the start of processing and therefore a delay with respect to the estimated delivery date. Obviously, if you have purchased neutral webcam protectors, i.e. without customization, the process will be much faster, since once payment is made, your order is sent to the warehouse, prepared and shipped. Our standard shipments are free throughout the Spanish territory, while if you need to urgently receive the gifts or send them to another European country, we have a paid express delivery service available to our customers and abroad. To consult the conditions regarding these two possibilities it is necessary that you contact us by e-mail or telephone: our team will be happy to inform you and help you in everything related to your purchase.