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How many times have you taken twice as long to do your work because your computer mouse was not working properly on your desktop? Personalized mouse pads are a must-have tool for your day-to-day office life. Choose here among the cheap mouse pads.

Laptop mat to give away as a gift

A star gift in companies are mouse pads with logo for the whole office. These original mouse pads can be printed with photos of the department, photos of the facilities or you can directly buy mouse pads with calendar. Choose the model you like best and think about how you are going to personalize your gift for clients, office colleagues or suppliers.

Promotional mouse pads with your logo

The advertising mouse pads with your logo is a very popular merchandising for companies. They can be used in offices, stores and businesses, on your desk at home or even to improvise an office on a business trip or in the coffee shop around the corner. Do not wait any longer and choose from our variety of custom mouse pads, we have different sizes, colors and shapes!

Frequently asked questions about Mouse pads

Why buy personalized mouse pads?

Looking for an ideal product to promote your business, event or cause? Or perhaps a useful and uniform desk accessory for the people in your own office? Chances are the answer is at your fingertips, right now! We live in an age of computers; with a computer comes a mouse, and with a mouse comes a mouse pad, a veritable poster for your promotion that sits on countless desks to be looked at and used over and over again throughout each day. Back when a mouse was basically a trackball with a handle, mouse pads were made exclusively of spongy rubber covered in fabric, but with the advent of optical mice now mouse pads come in a variety of different materials, sizes, thicknesses and uses, and Garrampa has a wide selection to suit your needs. Any image you can think of can be transferred to a mouse pad, making it an ideal canvas for your promotion.

What types of custom mouse pads do you have?

Promotional Mouse PadsThe traditional promotional mouse pad is well represented on our site. Made of soft fabric-covered rubber that takes a custom imprint beautifully, these pads are available in the standard rectangle Hard Surface MousepadsA popular alternative to rubber is Vynex, a hard plastic laminate that protects the image while providing just the right amount of friction to make mouse use more comfortable. Eco-friendly mouse padsAt Garrampa we try to offer as many eco-friendly alternatives as possible, and our selection of mouse pads is no exception.

How to buy custom mouse pads?

The best thing about using custom mouse pads as a promotion is that the decorating possibilities are virtually limitless: any logo and artwork configuration you can imagine can be faithfully and vividly reproduced on a mouse pad, and our high-quality graphics team is ready to help you realize your promotional artwork. However, unlimited selection can also be daunting, so here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing your mousepads.End-user needsAlmost everyone who works at a desk, whether working on spreadsheets or balancing the family budget, will use a mousepad, but not all desktops are the same. If your clients or employees are professionals with a taste for upscale décor, they will be more receptive to one of our embossed leather mouse pads or a Vynex mouse pad that lies discreetly flat on their desks. A tech-heavy desk would benefit from a pad with a USB port: you can never have too many USB ports!

What is the imprint area of custom mouse pads?

The sky may be the limit for the type of images and graphics that can be printed on a custom mouse pad, but here the space is not infinite. Each mouse pad on our website comes with its exact dimensions, so if your artwork is intricate, you'll want to choose a larger pad so you don't lose any detail. Often an image will work best on a round mouse pad, and round mouse pads are eye-catching and interesting.If you're interested in our window/photo frame mouse pads, we advise you to choose one with as large a window as possible, but maintain the integrity of your graphics: offering your customers or employees the opportunity to customize their mouse pads with photos means the pads - and your brand - will remain on their desks for a long time.