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Promotional alarm clocks with alarm, with the option of customization.

Other practical and original travel accessories

Our alarm clocks can be used as gifts for your customers, since they have the option of stamping your company logo. They are easy to use and can be taken on any trip, since their small size makes it possible to introduce them in any part of the suitcase. The expense in batteries, as they are batteries, is minimal since its consumption is reduced by the basic functions they use, such as providing the time and serve as an alarm clock.

Other useful travel products

If you are thinking of making gifts to your customers in clock format, discover our wide range of possibilities of clocks with integrated alarm clock, with which you can combine its functionality with other modalities such as radio. We offer several classic alarm clock radios with which you can listen to different AM and FM stations, after having woken up with the integrated alarm clock. Our selection of travel clocks, will not leave indifferent any adventurer, discover it!