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The new V-16 emergency light replaces the warning triangles for vehicle breakdowns. If you are unlucky enough to have a breakdown on Spanish roads, it has long been mandatory to use warning triangles to warn other drivers that there is a danger. In garrampa we have different models of emergency lights and available in various colors such as white, black and silver. They are made of plastic and have a powerful magnet incorporated to place it on the ceiling of the floor. You can buy V16 emergency lights in bulk, and that is why our emergency lights are cheap.

Emergency light v16 homologated DGT to give as a present

All our emergency lights can be customized. Depending on the material of the emergency lights we have, they can be customized using one or another stamping technique. For logo printing on plastic emergency lights we recommend screen printing or pad printing. For metal emergency lights we recommend laser engraving of the logo or the design provided by the customer. Due to the reduced marking area it is usual to customize the emergency lights with the logo or a small phrase or text.

Best Price emergency lights v16 wholesale

In our online store we sell emergency lights wholesale thus reducing the cost of the same. Emergency lights bring more safety to the traveler and the driver in the event of an accident. If a driver is involved in an accident, it is easier to be aware of his presence through the light emitted by these devices. Such useful and necessary gifts are always welcome. All health and safety related gifts are always a great gift idea.Small enough to fit in your glove box, the battery powered light is fitted with a magnet at the base, so you can attach it to the roof of your vehicle without having to open the door. The flashing orange light can be seen in all directions and is weather resistant.