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The custom shirts are the ideal fashion accessory for the entire staff of your bar or restaurant, dress all with the same shirt and personalized with the name of your business gives authority over the competition.shirts for hospitality are part of the uniform of restaurant employees, both cooks and waiters. In our catalog of shirts for the hospitality industry we have a wide range of shirts for waiters: black waiter shirts, white waiter shirts, mao collar shirts... In addition, you will find both waitress shirts for women and waiter shirts for men of high quality, at very affordable prices.

Waiter shirts for bars and restaurants

Waiter shirts for bars and restaurants are the best-selling garments in the hospitality industry, they are a significant change in the face of the customers that improve the presence of your local. Although professionalism depends on each person, appearance is another factor to take into account.

Shirts for the hotel and catering industry embroidered with your logo

Shirts embroidered with your logo are a hit in restaurants large and small. Embroidering your logo, restaurant name or what your catering company is called will maintain a uniformity and make it easier for your customers to recognize your catering staff.

Hospitality shirts: for men and women

Hospitality professionals can choose from a large number of shirts for waiters. Although there are many white shirts for work it is important for waiters to wear appropriate attire. Advantages of buying hospitality shirts Comfort. Hospitality shirts are designed to offer the waiter or cook as much comfort as possible. Waiter shirts adapted to the needs of waiters and cooks: Normally, men's shirts for the catering trade have pockets for storing small objects. Easy recognition of the worker: It is important that in establishments, customers can clearly differentiate who are the staff and who are the customers. In addition, the fact that the entire staff wears waiter shirts promotes the image of teamwork and unity. Aesthetics: The new women's shirts for the hospitality industry have a slim fit design that enhances the image. We also have hotel shirts for men with a slim fit. Economic: in garrampa you can find cheap shirts for waiters. It is possible to buy white shirts in a large number of stores, however in specialized stores you can find cheaper shirts for catering.

Colors of shirts for waiters

Traditionally white shirts have been used for catering but it is becoming more and more fashionable to use black shirts for waiters. In addition, during the last few years there has been an increase in the use of pink and blue waitress shirts and blue waiter shirts.