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Personalized pants to complete the work uniform in the hotel and catering industry. Comfortable, practical and professional, the pants for the hotel and catering industry are part of the uniform of restaurant employees, both cooks and waiters. In our catalog of pants for the hospitality industry we have both kitchen pants for men and kitchen pants for women. We also have high quality, economical kitchen pants.

Men's and women's chef and cook pants

One of the essential items in the hospitality uniform are the pants. From Garrampa we give you the opportunity to customize any garment of your uniform. We offer a wide variety of brands and styles of pants, to match your business style and adapt to your needs.

Pants to work in the kitchen

We offer several brands of custom pants, with various colors, adapting the professionalism of your business to the elegance and comfort of these garments. In our online store we have pants for the profile of waiters and cooks, we also offer the option of skirts. The designs are varied, checkered to give a casual image, with houndstooth, and to give a sober image plain colors.

Cheap waiters and kitchen pants

Hospitality professionals can choose from a large number of hospitality pants, both pants for waiters and pants for cooks. Kitchen pants offer certain advantages to the worker. Comfort. Catering pants are designed to offer the waiter or cook as much comfort as possible. They are usually wide and lightweight, allowing the worker to move easily. In addition, some of them have an elastic waistband, adapting to the shape of your waist and increasing the comfort of these workers. Adapted to the needs of waiters and cooks: Normally, cook's pants and waiters' pants have several pockets on the sides and a watch pocket on the waist in order to facilitate their work. In addition, almost all of them have a back pocket for a bottle opener. Easy recognition of the worker: It is important that in establishments, customers can clearly differentiate who are the staff and who are the customers. In addition, the fact that the entire staff wears waiter's pants or cook's pants promotes the image of team and unity.

Colors of waiter's and cook's trousers

Traditionally white cook's pants have been used but it is becoming more and more fashionable to use printed cook's pants. However, original chef pants are becoming more and more fashionable. Printed chef's pants, in bright and fun colors. On the other hand, waiters' pants are still more serious, in black or gray, although checkered or striped waiters' pants are also used. Another option is to combine plain chef pants (or waiter pants) with a printed jacket or shirt, or the other way around. There is a wide variety of options when it comes to chef pants.