Safety footwear

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Safety footwear is very important in factories and construction sites. Wearing protective footwear allows you to perform your work in the safest possible way. Discover the shoes with reinforced toe in our catalog.

Safety footwear

Safety footwear for work protects us mainly from risks of impact, compression, puncture, electrical, chemical, thermal and cuts. In Garrampa we have a wide catalog of safety footwear.

Personalized safety footwear

When we hear and/or read about safety footwear we imagine a heavy and uncomfortable boot, but this is not the reality. Nowadays and thanks to technological advances, safety footwear has evolved to improve the safety and comfort of workers. Safety footwear is considered a PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), normally used in the industry and construction sector, where workers are exposed to occupational hazards on a permanent basis and therefore need special footwear. In BananaWork you will find boots, shoes and sneakers in all its variants. Different heights and soles with designs adaptable to the needs of the worker that will provide the necessary comfort. The regulations differentiate safety footwear into classes, which are determined according to the properties of the materials they are made of: Class 1: Leather. Safety footwear manufactured mainly with leather. They are highly resistant to folding, crushing and impact of the safety garment itself. Class 2: Safety footwear made of synthetic materials and natural polymers. This type of footwear has the properties previously mentioned in class type 1, plus resistance to perforation. There may be a third class that applies to the previous ones, which is considered special due to the performance of materials such as steel, aluminum and composite, with toe caps and soles with corrosion-resistant highlights.