Customized reflective shirts

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Customized hi-visibility shirts for work in the summer months.

High visibility shirts for work

We have high visibility shirts for those jobs that require a high visual capacity of their workers for safety reasons. These shirts have the option of being customized with the logo of any company, to be corporate work clothes. These high visibility shirts are available in several fluorescent colors, in addition to being reinforced with reflective visual strips, to offer greater lighting safety.

High visibility shirts customized with your company logo

From Garrampa we offer the option of having a high visibility shirt in your work, adding the comfort for the summer of being short-sleeved without having to spend heat in your workday. In addition, the color options for these shirts is varied, we offer fluorescent colors such as yellow and orange, combined with blue to highlight the work clothing. The shirts have the option of both short and long sleeves.