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In our online store you will find airsoft uniforms and clothes to customize with the logo or design you want. We have different airsoft garments such as pants, jackets, vests and caps to customize this type of airsoft garments are usually of a military style with camouflage prints and colors like khaki military green and bottle green. We have different models for both men and women of airsoft clothing in different adult sizes. The airsoft clothing is usually resistant clothing as it is often used in the field in situations that require a material resistant to friction. They should also be garments that protect the wearer from possible impacts.

Airsoft camouflage uniforms

We work with leading airsoft clothing manufacturers and international distributors and are able to offer our customers wholesale airsoft clothing. As airsoft clothing suppliers we sell the uniforms very cheaply with great discounts for large and volume orders. All our airsoft clothing can be customized with the logo or design you want. It is common in airsoft championships that there are different sides and must be differentiated by different emblems or designs on their clothing. That is why it is almost mandatory to customize airsoft clothing. One of the most common techniques is to embroider shields to place them in different positions such as on the chest and on the sleeves of the shirt or military style jacket.

Airsoft Vests, Jackets and Pants

We are proud to offer a wide range of military themed clothing for any situation you may require. We can outfit from head to toe with our range of airsoft clothing, from balaclavas, helmets, tactical vests and t-shirts. If there is something you need that we don't have in stock, please email us with your size and we will do our best to get it in stock for you as soon as possible. Our airsoft clothing includes everything you need, we normally have camouflage/color clothing to be worn in the woods but some of our range comes in beige or desert camo as well as black/green.