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In our online mechanic workwear store you can find a wide variety of mechanic shop uniforms such as mechanic's pants, mechanic's overalls, mechanic's jacket and mechanic's coveralls. The clothes of a mechanic workshop is usually blue but if you want other colors more in line with the image of your brand or workshop in our online store you will find colors like red, green, black and any other color you need we have it in our online store. We have mechanic clothing for men in different sizes to choose from the smallest to the largest sizes in different models. We also have racing mechanic overalls, with different style collars and plenty of pockets to store the different tools used during a service in the workshop. Mechanic uniforms and clothing are made of materials that guarantee safety and protection during the work performed in the workshop. They are also made to avoid grease and oil stains that a mechanic often gets dirty.

Mechanic uniform with pants, dungarees and overalls for workshop

We work with the main manufacturers and distributors of mechanic clothing, thus being able to offer wholesale mechanic uniforms. As we are suppliers of mechanic clothing our prices are very cheap and economical so we can offer great discounts for quantity orders. Please consult with our sales team to offer you a quote as tight as possible. All our mechanic clothing can be customized with the logo or design that the customer provides us. If you are looking for cheap mechanic clothing the best option is to screen print the logo on the back of the garment as this part is much larger and visible and will receive the visual impact of customers visiting the workshop. If on the other hand you want something more discreet and elegant, embroidered mechanic uniforms are the best option to customize as the embroidery is more elegant and brings more quality to the customization of the garments.

Online store of work clothes for mechanic workshop

Durability and comfort are important aspects when considering clothing suitable for use in a machine shop. Full protection against oil and liquid spills is important, and thick mechanic's coveralls usually do the job adequately. Mobility and flexibility of movement is also an important attribute to consider, and our range of mechanic's coveralls and pants offer a variety of pockets and tool belt functions to ensure that the necessary tools are always close to the mechanic. Our range encompasses long and short sleeve designs, as well as products incorporating special features such as high visibility stripes, anti-static and frost resistant properties, to offer a wide selection of protective garments. In terms of hand protection, fingerless gloves have been the standard for some time, offering coverage for the hands, but leaving the fingers exposed so that they can work with greater precision than when wearing a normal glove. Now, however, there are gloves that offer full hand and finger coverage, but allow for precise grip and movement and disposable mechanic's gloves.