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In our online store of work clothes for truckers you can find different garments specially manufactured for this type of sector. Truck driver clothing usually contains reflective elements to be seen in case they have to stop on a road or highway. Among the most common garments we have reflective vests for truckers, pants, jackets and other warm items in case they are needed for loading and unloading the truck. We have truck driver uniforms for the union in different models and sizes to choose from. Enter our website and check out the sizes of trucker clothing we have available from size small to the largest size. On our website you will find basic garments for truckers such as gloves in case they have to do some manual work that requires hand protection. All of our trucker clothing is reinforced for durability and resistance against chafing during the workday, especially when loading and unloading goods.

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We work with the main manufacturers and distributors of trucker clothing and uniforms. Being suppliers of trucker clothing we can offer wholesale uniforms at cheap and economical prices. Please consult with our sales team for a quote if you are looking to order in bulk. If you wish to customize your trucker clothing we can offer a customization service. Screen printing is a cheaper option to customize clothing, but it withstands washing at high temperatures perfectly point another technique to customize trucker uniforms is through the embroidery of the logo or shield of the transport company for which the trucker works.

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Customizing truck driver clothing can be a great idea because when performing loading and unloading services for the company that truck is making a shipment of goods you will be able to visually impact the customer. During the loading and unloading process in an industrial warehouse, it is not the same for a truck driver to go without uniforms than for him to go with a customized jacket with the company he works for. In this way during the whole unloading process the customer will receive the visual impact of the brand. The feeling of a serious company is also transmitted through the customization of uniforms for all its employees. The big logistics companies uniform all their delivery employees with customized clothing. Nowadays any truck driver with a small company can place a small order for uniforms for all his employees.