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Enter our online store and see all the welder clothing we have for sale work clothes for welders specially made with protective materials to avoid possible accidents that often occur in this type of professionals. We have uniforms such as welder's pants, welder's leather bibs, welder's overalls, and special welder's jackets made of materials that provide greater protection and safety during the working day. The welder's clothing is usually blue but we have other colors if our customers want to go according to their brand image and company. We have uniforms in colors such as green, black, white and blue. We have welder uniforms for men in different sizes from the smallest to the largest sizes. We can also manufacture custom-made uniforms with your corporate colors according to your specifications. The welder's clothing is made of flame retardant and antistatic materials that will provide safety during the welding work and the sparks that occur during the performance of these works.

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We work with leading manufacturers and distributors of welder's clothing, so we can offer our customers wholesale distribution of welder's work uniforms. As welders protective clothing suppliers we can offer very cheap and economical welders clothing with great discounts for quantity orders. All of our garments such as leather welder's pants, leather welder's overalls, welder's coveralls and welder's jacket can be customized with your company or welding business logo or branding. If you are looking for cheap welding apparel, screen printing is probably the most suitable technique as it allows you to customize welding uniforms at a cheaper price than other printing techniques. Not for being cheaper is of poorer quality as customizing in screen printing welding uniforms withstand washing at high temperatures. If on the other hand you want to give a touch of quality to the uniforms you can customize them with the logo or brand of your company using the embroidery technique, this technique to embroider the welding reports brings more quality and elegance to the garments.

Welder's uniform with pants, dungarees, overalls and fireproof jacket

Choose from a selection of high quality welders' clothing in our online store. When welding, it is important to stay protected at all times with the right clothing. Through the current collection on our website you can find all kinds of special protective clothing such as flame-retardant boiler suits and coveralls, along with high-visibility jackets, tops and vests. Choose from a practical range of sturdy welding boots in our work footwear collection, then invest in eye, face and hand protection to make sure you're safe from hazards on the job. Discover welder's clothing from our top brands and manufacturers for high-quality protection on the jobsite.