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In our online store of uniforms and laboratory clothing you will find all the necessary garments for a laboratory to distribute to their workers and students during the working day. It is common in laboratories to wear a uniform that protects and does not contaminate the studies and practices that are performed in it. Laboratory clothing is almost always white and the most commonly used garments are lab coats, lab pants and lab shirts. On our website you will find all kinds of comfortable and flexible garments that allow freedom of movement while working in the laboratory. We have lab uniforms for both women and men and in small sizes from S to larger sizes such as 3 XL.

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We work with the leading suppliers and manufacturers of laboratory uniforms. We are suppliers and therefore we have very cheap prices on lab uniforms and can offer our customers great quantity discounts at a very affordable price. All our lab clothes can be customized with the logo or design that the customer sends us. Lab coats are usually embroidered being this printing very elegant and brings a level of quality to the garment. If you are looking for cheap lab coats for trainees or interns we also have a cheaper but not less quality technique. Screen printing is a very affordable option but withstands many washings at high temperatures.

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In any industry, the highest level of professionalism is sought after. This includes the right work equipment, the best access to information and, in some sectors, the right clothing. For laboratory professionals, garrampa is your supplier of embroidered laboratory apparel, as well as student laboratory apparel. Garrampa serves the medical community by providing high quality lab attire and lab wear from top designers at inexpensive prices. We offer lab coats and lab scrubs for men and women in a wide variety of sizes and colors for various industries. Our merchandise is made of durable fabrics that protect clothing and skin and keep all professionals properly prepared on the job. In addition, we offer embroidery services at the best prices by the most qualified technicians.