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In our online store you can find beauty salon uniforms to customize with your logo. In aesthetic centers and clinics is very important the wardrobe and the image that is transmitted to the customer so the choice of uniforms and aesthetic clothing in accordance with a dress code will make the customer perceive the aesthetic center of higher quality. In our catalog of aesthetic clothing you will find uniforms to choose from in different colors such as white, black and other more striking colors such as red as blues as browns as yellows and many more colors to choose from. We have women's clothing for aesthetic and men's uniforms for aesthetic clinics in different sizes and models. If you want to differentiate yourself with a more original and modern aesthetic uniform you can find in our catalog fun aesthetic uniforms with original prints. There are different types of garments that make up an aesthetic uniform such as aesthetic jackets or camisoles, aesthetic gowns, aesthetic pants and pajamas.

Modern beauty salon uniforms for women

We work with the leading manufacturers and suppliers of salon clothing and can offer our customers wholesale salon uniforms at very cheap factory prices. Nowadays the quality and comfort in the aesthetic uniforms is one of the most valued aspects for who buys this type of garments since the comfort during long hours of work is very important to perform well their work tasks. All our uniforms can be customized using different printing techniques. Embroidery on aesthetic uniforms provides an aspect of elegance and seriousness a little more than silk-screen printing. If what you are looking for is a cheap uniform which aesthetics screen printing without losing quality in the printing is undoubtedly the best option for customization.

Stylish beautician clothes and uniforms

Workwear in beauty salons needs to be comfortable and flexible for a number of reasons. One of the most important is that during the aesthetic treatments that are performed in a center or clinic the movement made by the worker is constant, being of great importance the flexibility and comfort of the garment. Our uniforms are made of flexible fabrics and allow that comfort and flexibility. The worker during the treatments to be performed with these garments will feel comfortable and at ease. During a massage or esthetic treatment, the worker often requires comfortable garments with which to easily perform his task with the client. Not only for a masseur is important the comfort of the aesthetic uniforms but also for the administration or reception staff that attends in the clinic or aesthetic center since the long periods seated at the reception need a comfortable uniform to perform their workday.