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In our online store we have uniforms for cleaning staff for men and women. Enter our website and consult our online sales catalog with all available clothing for cleaning staff. We have clothes in different colors and models. The clothes for cleaning staff is usually characterized by a basic clothing in a single color predominantly blue, white clothes for cleaning staff and green cleaning clothes. Among the most used garments among the cleaning staff are the shirts, jackets and cleaning pants. Check our website for all available sizes for both men and women of cleaning clothes.

Buy online modern uniforms for cleaning staff

We work with leading manufacturers and suppliers of cleaning uniforms and we can offer and distribute wholesale cleaning uniforms at a very cheap price direct from the factory. Our garments and cleaning clothes can be customized with the logo provided by the customer. Nowadays customizing cleaning uniforms is a very common and recommended practice so that the customer once requested the service can have the visual impact of the brand and contact the cleaning service provider if he is satisfied with the work done. There are two main methods of customization but cleaning uniforms. For tighter budgets but without losing the quality of printing, screen printing is a highly recommended option with which you can print logos and designs in one or more colors. If what you want is to customize your logo with a plus of quality, the embroidery of cleaning uniforms is undoubtedly the most elegant option with which you will get a quality print and finish.

Women's cleaning and men's work clothes

Nowadays cleaning services companies are in great demand and demanded by other companies, promoting your business or cleaning services company is very important for them to know you little by little. One of the best options to advertise your cleaning company is customizing the uniforms with which the staff of your cleaning company goes to work in different companies or private homes. Uniforms can be customized in different ways, from a small shield to a large print on the back of the uniform. It all depends on how you want to convey and project your brand. Stamping the logo in a smaller size can be more elegant and less vast and still be visible. If you want to print and have a higher visibility of your brand you can choose to print a garment on the back as its marking surface is much larger.