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Discover stylish and fashionable barber uniforms for men and women in our online store. We have a large catalog of hairdressing clothing for both aesthetics and dog grooming uniforms. Enter our website and discover all the clothes and uniforms that we have to customize how coats and camisoles for hairdressing, aprons for hairdressing, coats for hairdressing, pants and pichis. We have a wide variety of colors to choose from soft colors like white, ecru and other more vivid colors like reds, oranges, greens, whatever color you want we have it to customize according to your salon. If you are looking for a hairdressing uniform anti stain enter our website and see all the anti stain garments we have available for hairdressers and hairdressing centers. We also have more original, modern and fun uniforms if you are looking to give a personal touch to your salon and differentiate yourself from other hairdressers who use more classic and basic uniforms of a single color.

Stain resistant hairdressing uniforms for men and women

We work with leading manufacturers and distributors of hairdressing uniforms so we can offer wholesale prices of our hairdressing uniforms at a very cheap and adjusted price. As we are suppliers our catalog ranges from classic and simple hairdressing uniforms to the most modern and elegant uniforms to surprise your hairdressing clients with. All our uniforms can be customized with the logo of your salon or company. Depending on the budget you have, we will advise you to customize the uniforms with one or another personalization technique. Embroidery gives the hairdressing uniforms a look of quality and elegance superior to screen printing. If you are looking for cheap hairdressing uniforms, but without losing quality in printing, screen printing your logo in one ink can be the best choice.

Modern Grooming Uniforms and Stylish Dog Grooming Clothing

Our barber uniforms are sturdy, practical and stylish uniforms that offer both style and functionality. Not only do they look good, but they also provide hairdressers with something that helps them perform their work in comfort. Barber uniforms should be practical, but they should also be stylish. With us, you get the best of both worlds. Our team of dedicated specialists has developed a special blend of fabrics that gives you everything you could want from your salon apparel: stylish looks, robust material and the ability to easily remove product stains. Never iron again with our wrinkle-proof fabric formula that is soft and light on the skin for a silky feel. Stains are removed quickly and easily on some models. Resistant to fading from washing. If you have problems with sizing, you can use our sizing chart available here. If you have any further questions, speak to one of our sales team for advice today.