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In our online store you will find hotel uniforms to customize with the logo and name of the hotel. Enter our website and consult our online catalog of uniforms for hotel receptionists. We also have a catalog of more modern and fun hotel clothing for beach hotels. The workwear for hotels as a general rule is usually cut and elegant style dominated by pants and shirts in classic colors like black and white. If you want a more elegant and modern touch to project your hotel and that the client receives or perceives as a more modern hotel you can choose from our original hotel uniforms in different colors such as blue, green, red and many more colors to choose from. We have hotel clothing for men and women in different sizes both small and large sizes. The shirts that we have in our online store of hotel uniforms you can find different patterns and cuts to choose shirts and more fitted garments or more classic and loose garments. The hotel uniforms are made of flexible and comfortable fabrics that make the working day as comfortable as possible.

Hotel receptionist uniforms

We work with leading brands and manufacturers of hotel uniforms and can offer wholesale distribution of hotel clothing. As hotel clothing suppliers we are able to offer very cheap hotel uniforms while keeping the online selling price as low as possible. If you are looking to adjust to the maximum the position to uniform the staff of a hotel you can contact our sales team that will provide you with a quote according to your needs. All our hotel uniforms can be customized with the logo or design you send us. Whether it is clothing for reception staff, restaurant staff or room staff, we can customize all garments with the hotel logo. Our recommendation is to embroider the garments as this type of higher quality printing is perceived by the customer projecting a plus of quality of the hotel. If on the other hand you are looking for cheap hotel clothing, screen printing is an economical and quality option that will withstand many washings without losing quality in printing.

Fashionable and stylish beach hotel uniforms

Nowadays the competition in hotels is very fierce and differentiate from each other is an effort to live up to the quality that the customer for the service he has paid. For this reason and the importance of the guests' evaluation after their stay, it is important that all kinds of details are taken care of to the maximum. As soon as you enter the hotel reception it is important that the person who receives the guests is perfectly uniformed according to the style of the hotel. The clothes of a hotel receptionist must be clean and perfectly ironed. Not only the receptionist should be perfectly uniformed, but also the rest of the hotel staff should dress in the same style to project a joint brand image with the lines that the hotel sets for its employees. The bar and cafeteria staff of the hotel restaurant should dress in the same style and the housekeeping staff should also dress and be uniformed to the same standard as the rest of the hotel staff.